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'Bachelorette' Star Josh Seiter Faces Backlash After Coming Out as Trans

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"Bachelorette" alumnus Josh Seiter, 37, is getting comfortable in their truth after coming out as a transgender woman in May. However, Seiter says that she has faced backlash from right-wing trolls and LGBTQ people since deciding to live in her truth.

As reported by The Daily Mail, audiences have seen Seiter's life undergo many changes since appearing on "The Bachelorette" in 2015.

Seiter used her exposure from the show to launch a career as a mental health blogger, then had a side gig going as an OnlyFans content creator until her Instagram account was allegedly hacked last year and false news of her death began circulating.

Now, in what was supposed to be a celebration of her true identity, Seiter says she is fighting another battle over the way she has chosen to transition.

Seiter told The Daily Mail that everyone seems to have an opinion about her transition.

"Usually, it's bad. Usually, the people voicing the opinion have a horrible opinion," she said, adding that she has received a number of death threats. 'And so, I don't take life advice from people screaming at me on social media. That's just never how I've lived my life."

Among Seiter's critiques include her choosing to keep her facial hair during her transition. However, Seiter says she is used to the critical limelight.

"When I was a male stripper, people were saying nasty things about me. When I did OnlyFans, people said nasty things about me," she said. "During the death hoax, people said nasty things about me. I just am going to keep living my life understanding there's always going to be detractors, always going to be haters, but that's a them problem and not a me problem."


However, Seiter says she has been surprised to receive critiques from other people in the LGBTQ community.

"Ironically, I've actually found that the far left and the LGBTQ community have been some of the most vitriolic and mean towards me throughout all of this," she said. "So that's a very tough issue for me because I haven't been met with acceptance, tolerance and open arms like the left loves to preach about."

Yet from growing up in an ultra conservative background to having to find herself in the limelight, Seiter said she has come away with a lesson about coming out.

"If you come out wanting something in return, you're going to be disappointed because often you're going to be met how I was met with absolutely nothing but hate in return," she said. "But if you're doing it because doing so helps you and you find it cathartic, then absolutely 100 per cent do it."

Read Seiter's complete interview with The Daily Mail.

by Emell Adolphus

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