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Watch: Jon Stewart Criticizes Corporations for Pride Month Campaigns

Bobby Grady READ TIME: 2 MIN.

"The Daily Show" host John Stewart recently criticized a number of major companies for their annual Pride Month campaigns.

"Pride Month is, of course, that time of year when corporations get together and financially exploit the decades-long struggle of gay people for acceptance and equality," said Stewart.

He went on to list a number of different companies and their various Pride month campaigns.

"Remember when you were fired from that bank job after you were outed? Well, Burger King does! With a burger that has two bottom buns," he said.

He then went on to mention a CNN headline that read: "Burger King has a 'Pride Whopper' with 'two equal buns'."

"Scarred by conversion therapy? Skittles is releasing a colorless version of Skittles."

The camera then zoomed in on an image of the grey Skittles that includes the slogan: "Only one rainbow matters during Pride."

"Apparently not wanting to confuse gay people with competing rainbows," Stewart joked.

He eventually got to Target, where he sarcastically asked, "how will I live laugh lesbian" in response to Target allowing individual stores to decide if they will carry Pride merchandise.

"That's right, Target is apparently less proud of Pride this year," he added.

Stewart went on to question what it is that major companies really value.

"Why are we allowing ourselves to get worked up over whether giant multinational corporations are pro-gay or have traditional American values?" he asked. "Because corporations have but one value: Shareholder value. That's all they have."

Stewart expanded his criticism on corporate morality and how much they really care about other significant social issues. He criticized corporate campaigns for social issues like Black Lives Matter.

"While corporations forcefully pronounced their deeply held value of promoting diversity on network television, their commitment only lasted until the protests died down," said Stewart.

"There is nothing corporations do that is not in service of their bottom line," said Stewart. "Let's stop pretending that a corporation can even be woke or unwoke, or patriotic or unpatriotic. Let's just let corporations live their truth as the profit-seeking, Patrick Bateman psychopaths they are. At the very least, we might finally get some honesty."

by Bobby Grady

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