Måneskin's Damiano David is Rock's Newest Hearthrob

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Marked with a green tongue, blackwork tattoos, and a key around his neck, Damiano waves the Australian flag in front a massive crowd of Adelaide concertgoers. Adelaide is South Australia's cultural capital with museums, parkland, and art galleries. Damiano's body art ranges from anime to religious iconography but the phrase "IL BALLO DELLA VITA" festooned across his clavicles might be the most noticeable. It means "the dance of life."

Looking more and more rebellious, Damiano is showing off his love of leather. This Instagram post has a second photo of a die cast toy car which many in the comments have joked is hiding in his pants in the first picture, "massive car!" they write.

We find ourselves face to face with Damiano's high cheek bones and a smoldering stare in this picture. It was taken the day after Måneskin's stop in Boston during their first headline North American tour promoting their latest album "Rush!" which contains 14 English language songs. The album got mixed reviews from critics. The Atlantic said the record shows the band's appeal isn't for its music. While art is subjective, it is true that Damiano, with his good looks and bad boy persona, is the star of the show, however in 2023 the entire group was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy.

Winning the 2023 MTV Video Music Award for "The Loneliest," Damiano serves us sexy rock star energy on the red-carpet in front of the step-and-repeat banner. Later in this photo dump he suggestively maws the astronaut's head on the statuette. In addition, Damiano gives a weird shout out to Taylor Swift saying, "thanks for the blessing, we're all tall, blonde and gorgeous."

Only a heart-shaped lollipop obstructs the most intimate parts of Damiano's erotic pose. The singer isn't modest about his physique as you will see in later photos. He seems to understand that his sex appeal is part and parcel of his rock star status, and he uses it to his advantage. As far as his sexuality, he has said in Vanity Fair Italia that he is straight but curious. As LGBTQ allies, all members of the band rally against homophobia. At a 2021 concert in Poland Damiano kissed his bandmate Thomas in protest of that country's stance against the LGBTQ+ community. "We think that everyone should be allowed to do this without any fear," he said. "We think that everyone should be completely free to be whoever the fuck they want. Thank you, Poland, love is never wrong!"

Damiano's body is like an ink drawn diary of his life. He is an illustrated man who literally wears his heart on his sleeve (and chest and torso). Some of his ink represents notable milestones such as the word "Mammamia" in reference to his band's chart-topping song, while others can be interpreted as symbols of his spirit, the many cats for instance. Some tattoos are even cheeky, he has the words "kiss this" located on his butt.

Those puppy dog eyes are so alluring that the vibrant red checkered tiles almost disappear in the background. When asked about stepping away from Måneskin and going solo, Damiano says the idea isn't out of the question, "Why not?" he told Blabbermouth. "I think it could be a very healthy thing and a very destructive thing. The only thing that matters, it's how you agree with the band, because the band, it's always gonna be what gave me everything I have."

Seemingly using his manhood as a towel hook, Damiano says in this post that he took the pic, "just to be annoying." What he means by that is uncertain. Is he saying he's aware some people want a peek at what's underneath and he's teasing, or that his red phone is so distracting it takes the focus away from the elephant in the room.

This is about as beige as you will ever see the lead singer who is usually much more provocative in his attire. Still, even in this conservative outfit, some fans are worried that the singer is becoming drunk with stardom, "You were a huge talent, but at this rate you will be a meteor among many. Another victim of show business, too much money, too many fans cheering you up, too much everything. What a pity," was one comment we translated under the photo.

Here is the famous pic that nearly broke the internet last year. Damiano is celebrating the end of Måneskin's tour: "I'll be naked smoking joints all day long." But the bigger question isn't why he doesn't do that on the road already, but where are the originals without the black heart emoji?

by Timothy Rawles

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