Nicholas Galitzine attends the Prom Night photo call at Netflix FYSEE At Raleigh Studios on May 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

'Mary & George' Star Nicholas Galitzine Celebrates 'Ability to be Fluid and Charm People and Seduce'


Nicholas Galitzine, the British star of the upcoming limited series "Mary & George," spoke about his king-bedding character's "ability to be fluid and charm people and seduce" in a wide-ranging interview with The Cut.

Galitzine plays George Villiers in the series. Mary Villiers (Julianne Moore), George's mother, pushes him into a dalliance with King James I of England (Tony Curran) in order to help secure their family's place in society and their fortune. The royal bedchamber eventually becomes his playground, with his outsized influence on the king being felt across all of England.

Galitzine called the character's combination of beauty and sexual charisma "George's power," and it's one the actor himself arguably shares as he bounces from one high-profile role to the next, playing gay in some ("Red, White & Royal Blue"), straight in others ("Bottoms" and the upcoming "The Idea of You"), and, in the case of "Mary & George," whatever he needs to be in the moment.

The article anoints Galitzine "a conduit for Gen-Zers' horniness," a moniker the 29-year-old actor doesn't exactly reject – although he confesses to being somewhat perplexed.

"There's this kind of weird paradox that's happening whereby we supposedly are a less horny generation," Galitzine told The Cut. "But then you spend five minutes on Twitter and everything is sexualized. I'm kind of confused about where we are as a society right now."

Though he's straight – and he's been going steady for the last half year with his current girlfriend – the Gen Z pinup boy expressed an appreciation for bending typical gender notions that should fit in well with his age group.

"I always see pictures of Jeremy Allen White walking around with a bouquet," Galitzine noted, referencing a fellow hot celeb. "I think he's onto something. I'm gonna start buying them."

Check out some of the sizzling posts the actor has put up on his Instagram.

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