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InstaHunk: Getting to Know Rising OnlyFans Star Lane Rogers

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 8 MIN.

When it comes to famous bisexual OnlyFans models that LGBTQ+ folks thirst over, it doesn't get more famous than Lane Rogers.

Formerly known by the stage name Blake Mitchell, Rogers' signature clunky black glasses and lion tattoo on his chest have become just one part of his sexy persona. Rogers likes to share more than just his body with fans, often giving a peak into his relationships, interests, and even mental health struggles online. Let's take a look at his Instagram to get to know the man behind the glasses.

In this PG IG post, Rogers shows off his pits and his charming smile in a simple white tank top. He comments that he was going for a nostalgic 2000s vibe with the photo, although others below the picture were too distracted to care what era Rogers was trying to emulate.

Rogers has been open about his upbringing in Kentucky and isn't afraid to share some of his Southern flair in his IG posts. He looks great in this cowboy getup with a black hat, beige shirt, and masculine blue jeans. His fashion choices make us want to go down to the ranch and see what other handsome men reside down South!

Keeping with his Kentucky roots, Rogers attends a Kentucky football game in 2022. Fans loved his smile and support for the Wildcats. Other videos and social media posts from Rogers show how much he loves football and how the gridiron has been a pastime of his throughout life.

Rogers gets real about his struggles with social media and the thrill of finding a stimulating post online to statute his appetite for content. He says he spent two hours scrolling to no avail, with commenters below the post discussing their own similar experiences.

Rogers pays tribute to one of his soulmates from the past, Casey Tanner, who passed away at the age of 28 in April of 2023, another tragic example of adult film stars dying before even turning 30. The two seem to have enjoyed a deep and intimate relationship.

by Shawn Laib

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