An unidentified Australian man straddles a handrail to reach the top of a staircase painted with Pride colors. Source: Twitter

Hate Climb? Aussie Man Avoids Rainbow-Painted Stairs by Crawling Up Railing


An Australian man attempted to avoid walking up a rainbow-styled staircase with unintended, hilarious results.

The website Indie100 reports a likely non-supporter of LGBTQ+ rights made a political statement-of-sorts by straddling a hand railing as to avoid walking on a stairs adorned with the colors of the Pride flag.

While the identified man may be attempting to make a point, he appears to be sending out an unintentional – and very gay – sexual vibe. While pulling himself up, he appears to be humping the railing. Then when he rests, he takes a pose worthy of a power-bottom.

The staircase is located at the University of New South Wales in Sydney with a post on the institution's Instagram account last month confirming the paintwork was done to celebrate the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

The ridicule came fast and furious on Twitter:

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