Our Favorite 'I Hate Going to Gay Halloween Parties' Memes that are Taking over Gay Twitter

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 1 MIN.

It started with a few casual hilarious tweets about the niche specificity of gay Halloween parties... complaints about how the costumes you'll see rely on having deep knowledge of obscure pop moments, minor/internet celebrities, forgotten pop diva moments, and of course, plenty of memes. But in just the blink of an eye, the most online people on the planet turned gay Halloween into a certified moment: Everything from queer celeb brand deals and Hilary Duff's cultural impact, to timeless red carpet fits and the cringe events hosted by our popstar faves long before they hit the big time – magnified, honored, and memorialized in Halloween outfits, captured with perfectly precious unhinged energy on the timeline.

Twitter specifically called out our encyclopedic knowledge of music videos, TV shows, even presidential photos. They know that anything we've seen on a screen goes straight into the cultural-impact_potential-Halloween-costume.doc file in our minds!

Suddenly being caught up with current events is a problem? No! Queer people can make anything a costume!

Within a few hours, "I hate gay Halloween parties" became the best way to drop Halloween costume pics

Before we go, we'll leave you with some more of our fav queer pop culture Halloween costumes:

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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