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Our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples and Groups

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Halloween should be fun for everyone! We love an ambitious costume moment, and believe they don't have to be outrageously high-effort. Many of these costume ideas are inspired by couples who radiate completely opposite energy, so if one of you isn't in the mood to go all the way, you can still make it look like it was part of the plan. And is there anything more fun than arriving at a party in a killer group costume? We've got pop culture costumes for couples and groups inspired by this year's hit music videos, movies, and memes below.

Stereotypical Barbie with Gloria

This is a great costume for a duo where one person wants to go all out -Barbie in hot pink bedazzled bell-bottoms with a matching waistcoat and neckerchief all-out- while the other just wants to wear their usual pants and shirt; something they're comfortable in, perhaps in a different color. America Ferrera's character, Gloria, wore a more typical everyday look, so as long as you're with your Barbie, you can get away with wearing your favorite button-down shirt (maybe something with pink in it) and pants.

Barbies on a Mission

Why not channel the part of the "Barbie" movie when the Barbies unite to take back Barbie Land. The Barbies on a mission all wear pink boilersuits with sneakers and fun sunglasses. You'll ideally need to find a place to purchase these in advance (or perhaps you've got a jumpsuit that you purchased for the cinematic event!) but if a group of you arrived in similarly plain pink pants and tops with the accessories to match, it would still be clear who you are!

Oppenheimer and Einstein

You'll need two oversized coats, one brown and one black; then, you'll need to sort out the unmistakable messy gray Einstein hair, and an Oppenheimer hat. Once you've got the most notable aspects of this unlikely duo's looks down, the rest is pretty chill. We do highly recommend a very large brown tie for "the Oppenheimer", though.

Flyana Boss in their "You Wish" Running TikTok era

@flyanaboss Replying to @seasiebby YOU WISH OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS 😭 #flyanaboss #besties ♬ You Wish - Flyana Boss

These besties rocked so many colorful outfits while running around to champion their playful, addictive song -you could really pick your favorite look and run with it. It would be the most fun to wear their signature colorful braids, and most effective to write your favorite line (whether it's the "Hello Christ?" intro, the "Bouta sin again" announcement, or the catchy descriptor "made of sugar, spice, kanekalon, and cinnamon") on your t-shirt. One of you rocking elf ears is a must!

Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch in "One Of Your Girls"

For this costume, one of you is doing a low-key, oiled-up chest, ripped jeans, shaggy hair situation; The other's gonna be spending a lot more time getting ready. As we explained in our pop culture costumes ideas list, the hair and flawless makeup is key for channeling Troye here, but you can get away with anything resembling the music video outfit. A black leotard and opaque tights would be great; a black mini dress would work just as well.

Riverdale's controversial foursome endgame

This costume is gonna be the most fun for a group of friends who are fans of the long-running CW show because, though you could wear vintage-inspired outfits from the polycule-endgame series finale reveal, it would be so much more exciting to lean into each character's most ridiculous or dramatic look. The "Riverdale" ensemble cast went through soooo much throughout the time-traveling, era-shifting, supernatural-leaning musical-comedy, and the costume department went wild with their colorful options available. Lean into that!

Francesca and Martin Scorsese in the viral "dad guesses slang" TikTok

@francescascorsese He lowkey slayed. #fyp #martinscorsese #dadsoftiktok #dadguesses ♬ original sound - Francesca

This is a simple but effective way to be dressed up but stay comfortable. One of you (the Francesca) will need to wear a half-updo ponytail and a casual dark t-shirt; The other (the Martin) will need gray hair and matching stand-out eyebrows of the party store variety. Making a wearable sign in the TikTok caption font for your favorite phrase from the TikTok -ate, simp, or ick perhaps?- would really complete the look.

The original "Planet of the Bass" music video duo

The most time-consuming part of nailing this is gonna be DIY painting or printing Biljana Electronica's pink "When God made man she was only joking" crop top. As long as one of you is in white, the other in black pants and a matching black gilet or vest -you're good. But pay attention to the accessory details: The two braids in Biljana's hair; each musician in a specific pair of sunglasses, the jewelry choices. As you get dressed, make sure to get into the right mindset; remember that women are your favorite guy.

90s Posh and Becks

If you watched the recent Netflix documentary that revived an interest in David and Victoria Beckham's glam 90s looks, you'll have seen how their outfits contributed to the world being in a frenzy for their love story -and you'll probably have a favorite. Whether it's their matching purple wedding suits, the chic matching black fur coats and silver cross necklace, the iconic brown Louis Vuitton luggage airport photos, or David Beckham in a sarong on the tabloid cover, go ahead and have fun with it!

"Red, White & Royal Blue" couple Henry & Alex

If you're the kind of couple who enjoys wearing suits and wants something low-effort, high-reward, this is the look. One of you will need to be blonde, the other brunette, however that needs to happen (honestly, one or both of you in a wig would make this costume more obvious, in a positive way) and both of you will need to order a pair of socks with a flag on it: One of the union jack, the other of the stars and stripes. You're probably gonna want to roll up your pants a bit to make sure they are easily noticed. If you're keen to go all out, cover yourselves in something that looks like the off-white cake-icing from the rom-com's disastrous wedding opening.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Who could forget the time this married couple showed up at a venue looking like they were attending two completely different events? (A topic the model recently opened up on.) This is another perfect costume for a couple who, like Hailey and Justin, have the opposite energy for the spirit of dressing up. As long as one of you is in a red mini dress, while the other is in a gray tracksuit, the costume is a success -but the bonus of "the Justin" wearing crocs and a cap on top of his hoodie with no shirt underneath would be amazing.

Victoria Monét's "On My Mama" music video bag meme girls

If you, like Victoria Monét in her hit single "On My Mama" are "so deep in [your] bag, like a grandma with a peppermint," this is the costume for you and your girls. White socks, white sneakers, a sleek half-updo hairstyle, matching dresses in different colors, and of course, the corresponding bags! You could probably make this work with oversized t-shirts as dresses by arranging a quick DIY session to cut a slit all the way down the side and creating the holes to lace it back up again, then add the numbers with fabric paint or fabric pieces.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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