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The Hottest Gemini Hunks

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With Memorial Day being the unofficial start of summer, the holiday also signifies the arrival of another season as well: Gemini season. According to Allure, Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac with a quick wit and the ability to talk to anyone about anything. They thrive at happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors, but are also so ambitious and interested in many pursuits that they need two of them to get it done, hence the fact that they're symbolized by the celestial twins, often misinterpreted as Geminis being two-faced.

Jonah Hauer-King

The 27-year-old British hunk is currently burning up screens in the hit live-action remake of Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

Josh Allen

Hunky quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, Allen's arm isn't the only thing going for him.

Scott Adkins

Best known from the "Undisputed" franchise, this British actor and martial artist might single handedly make us into action stars.

Richard Madden

This Scottish actor best known for "Citadel" and "Game of Thrones" can sit on our throne any time he wants.

Tom Holland

What's to say about this stage Billy Elliot-turned Spider Man whose gorgeous body is rivaled only by his infectious personality?

Arturo Vidal

This Chilean soccer player is a midfielder for both Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club Flamengo and the Chile national team.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

A Golden Globe winner for Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals," Taylor-Johnson has blossomed into one of the silver screen's most drool-inducing hunks.

Chris Evans

No caption needed, right?

Julian Edelman

Wide receiver for the New England Patriots for 12 years, Edelman has long been one of the NFL's hunkiest players.

Kendrick Lamar

Not one to show much skin, this poet laureate of Hip Hop remains effortlessly sexy in all his private mysteriousness.

Mohamed Salah

One of the best soccer players in the world, this Premier League club Liverpool and Egyptian star has earned the nickname of "The Pharaoh."

Wentworth Miller

Out hunk Wentworth Miller became a sensation thanks to his leading, award-winning role on TV's "Prison Break."

Joshua Jackson

This teen heartthrob from "Dawson's Creek" has become one of the most reliable actors of his generation, and along with it is aging like fine wine.

Shia LaBeouf

Disney star turned bad boy turned Brando-like acting genius, LaBeouf may be a handful, but there's no denying his sex appeal.

Anderson Cooper

Gay icon. Journalism icon. Daddy.

KJ Apa

This "Riverdale" hunk is getting better and better with age.

Colin Farrell


Jordan Clarkson

30-year-old Filipino-American point guard for the Utah Jazz, Clarkson's effortless sex appeal makes him one to watch. And watch...

by Christopher Ehlers

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