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Watch: 'Pose' Star Slams Coach for Misgendering Her, Capitalizing on Pride

Wednesday Jun 13, 2018

A star of the FX ballroom drama "Pose" is calling out Coach, claiming the fashion brand misgendered her after trying to capitalize on LGBTQ Pride Month.

Taking to Instagram Tuesday, actress Dominique Jackson, who plays Elektra Abundance on "Pose," explained that Coach reached out to her so she could share her story but things didn't go as planned.

"...[A] lot of companies join in on the Pride celebration to show they're all-inclusive when they're really not," Jackson says in the video clip. "They don't research us. They don't understand us. They don't attempt to comprehend us."

Jackson then singles out Coach, saying the company invited her to speak with them about her life story but "offered nothing."

"Not a car ride. Nothing. Not a pocketbook. Nothing," she said, adding that she was later contacted to attend Coach's "Pride Ball."

"[They] misgendered me!" Jackson says. "You didn't do your research. You're not following the true stories of the LGBTQ community, 'cause you would know that a woman like myself should never be misgendered. It's so insulting."

She said because of the experience, she's not sure she'll be buying any Coach products in the future.

"I don't think I ever want to use your products or buy your products ever again," the actress says. "I'm going to Louis!"

Jackson also complained about Coach on Twitter.

After posting her Instagram clip to Twitter, Coach reached out to Jackson with an apology and again invited her and "several of [her] peers" to their Pride Ball.

Watch Jackson's video below.


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