Watch: The Trailer for the Final Season of 'Pose' has Finally Arrived

Tuesday April 6, 2021

A scene from the "Pose" Season 3 trailer.
A scene from the "Pose" Season 3 trailer.  (Source:YouTube Still via FX)

Breakout the Kleenex and get your first look at the last season of "Pose."

FX released the Season 3 trailer on Tuesday, writing, "As a family. Always."

The two-minute clip shows Billy Porter, who won an Emmy for Best Actor in the role of Pray Tell, reflecting on the ballroom scene.

"The balls ain't what the used to be — cash prizes and tacky lip syncs. There used to be this sense of urgency and community then folks just started dying," he says in the trailer.

The trailer also shows scenes featuring ACT UP (the AIDS activist group that was prominent in fighting against AIDS in the 90s), a wedding ceremony and of course some fierce ballroom scenes.

Check out the trailer below.

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