CaverStem: A Medical Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction

Wednesday October 9, 2019

CaverStem: A Medical Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction
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Are you one of the 30 million men who experience erectile dysfunction? By the time men reach 70 years old, 67 percent will encounter the inability to achieve or to maintain an erection. Temporary fixes have flooded the market for nearly two decades, but none have taken the innovative and scientific approach of CaverStem.

If you've been struggling with ED and have found limited success with oral medications, suffered side effects or are concerned about its long-term effects, this scientific breakthrough may be the answer to permantantly treat erectile dysfunction.

What's Going on Down There?
Like most things in life, it's easier to fix a problem when you know what's causing it. In the case of erectile dysfunction, it's all about flow — and we're not talking yoga. The penis is comprised of blood vessels. When aroused, the muscles surrounding the blood vessels relax, allowing the arteries to swell while simultaneously compressing the veins (a.k.a. a hard-on). When the arousal dissipates, those muscles contract to stop the inflow while the veins open, and the erection ceases.

So what's the problem? There may be extenuating psychological or physiological factors, but for most guys, it's "venous leakage," where reduced muscle mass allows the blood to escape and your erection isn't so erect — the fix: a healthy vascular system.

Oral medications can temporarily increase blood flow, but studies have shown that up to 35 percent of users have less than stellar results, not to mention the lack of spontaneity when having to time dosing with a sexual encounter. Other options developed over the years, including invasive vascular surgery, repeated penile injections (which can result in scar tissue) or even implants. But none of them come close to the science and success behind CaverStem.

What Makes CaverStem Different?
CaverStem harnesses the regenerative power of the body through stem cells extracted from a patient's bone marrow. Successfully used for a variety of medical conditions from certain types of cancer and blood diseases, stem cell therapy has recently been proven to safely revive erectile function by safely and effectively restoring the areas including smooth muscle, blood vessels and nerves. Delivery of a concentrated source of stem cells directly into the penis allows for the full healing potential of these cells to be realized.

Nearly any guy with ED issues is a good candidate, but a thorough evaluation can determine eligibility. Some exclusions may include those with traumatic penile and scrotal structural damage, those who have had penile implants, or patients with a primary psychological basis of their ED. The procedure is always performed by a licensed physician, ensuring that safety comes first. Creative Medical Technology Holdings (the company that developed and patented the procedure) conducts an extensive background check on all participating doctors before certification, and also requires participation in a formal training program to ensure that doctors can successfully perform the procedure.

Some might be familiar with acoustic wave technology (AWT) as another alternative to ED oral medications, but it's like comparing apples and oranges. AWT can break off plaque within blood vessels to increase blood flow, but the procedure can be performed by a technician (versus a physician), does not affect smooth muscle or nerve tissue regeneration, and requires up to 12 treatments.

In contrast, CaverStem uses 20cc (or millions!) of one's own bone marrow progenitor stem cells, which are capable of replicating themselves, differentiating into endothelial vascular tissue, smooth muscles, and nerve cells of the penile tissue where the repair is needed the most.

A Lunch Break Could Change Your Life
After a private doctor consultation, a patient schedules an appointment for the procedure. At the beginning of this visit and under local anesthesia, bone marrow is harvested in what is usually a the 15-minute process. These stem cells are then concentrated into an injection. Once injected into the penis, they get to work stimulating muscles and regenerating blood vessels. The total time for the procedure is usually an hour. There is no downtime, and most people continue about their day.

The entire procedure can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. With appropriate paperwork, preparation, and a few minutes of recovery, the majority of patients leave the office within an hour.

The Gift of Girth
While a firm, long-lasting erection may be scientifically and quantifiably measurable, for those of us in the bedroom (or wherever else you may find yourself), the prospect of permanent enhancement can be just as much about confidence and embracing a solution to support your sex-positive lifestyle.

"I hate the term erectile dysfunction given the terrible negative connotation," says President and CEO of Creative Medical Technology Holdings Timothy Warbington. "While certainly, some men suffer from ED, it is natural for the cells in the penile area to deplete over the years as you age. This procedure essentially reverses this by regrowing the cells in that area. I would say this is a must-have for every male's 50th birthday."

A Weekend of Wonder
CaverStem is currently offered in seven locations throughout the U.S. They also happened to be in coveted tourists destinations. The value of the global medical tourism industry tops $439 billion per year, so if you're thinking about a CaverStem getaway, you're not alone.

"CaverStem is the only procedure that gets to the root cause of the issue-depleted cells in the penile area," says Warbington.

We say if ED has you down, CaverStem may be your best option to rise to the occasion.

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