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Weekend of Virtual Wellness Events to Support Miami Beach Pride Organization

Thursday March 25, 2021

The following is a press release from Miami Beach Pride:

In the unprecedented times of COVID, the "W.O.W" (Week / Weekend Of Wellness) series was created as a response to the pandemic in an effort to support local instructors, gym and iconic locations, while providing free access to unique wellness events to all.

After the extraordinary success of W.O.W SoFlo in 2020, with more than 450,000 views to date, Mind Body Social launches W.O.W Pride with a weekend full of virtual wellness events, with an all-star lineup, in support of the LGBTQ+ community, to raise funds for Miami Beach Pride.

Among the special guests joining the sessions: Singer & songwriter, Emily Estefan; singer, songwriter & dancer, Willie Gomez; stylist & storyteller, Gemeny Hernandez; Broadway star, Carlos Gonzalez; and Hit 97.3's Kimmy B.

W.O.W Pride sponsored by T-Mobile will feature seven virtual events from iconic locations throughout Miami Beach including:

  • "Pride Talk" with Emily Estefan, Gemeny Hernandez and Carlos Gonzalez
  • Full Body Workout by Rachel Robinson (Rachel Fitness)
  • Sweat & Spritz with Nike ambassador, instructor and model, Patrick Frost
  • Virtual Run by Lifetime Miami Marathon co-founder and City of Miami's Chief Wellness Officer Frankie Ruiz; and Hits 97.3 morning show host KimmyB.
  • Firefighter's Workout with Miami-Dade firefighter & Legendary Fitness owner, Laz Gonzalez
  • Yoga & Meditation with Adrian Molina and Baptist's expert, Amy Exum
  • Dance Party Workout with choreographer Susie Garcia, Sonya Edel and Willie Gomez

    Additional influencers featured in W.O.W Pride include Dani Campbell and Peter Anthonii.

    The program is FREE for all to participate thanks to the sponsorship by T-Mobile, who continue to show their support for a healthy, connected community, as well as other partners such as: Baptist Health, Michelob Ultra, Florida Blue, Ketel One Botanical and Nike MIA.

    Registrants will have FREE access to all the activities, chances to enter to win $300 in gift cards and the opportunity to click & donate to help support the Miami Beach Pride Organization at:

    Mind Body Social's W.O.W Pride begins streaming March 25 with an all-star lineup. Proudly sponsored by T-Mobile.

    To register and see the full schedule of events, visit:
    ?All events will be available on the website on March 25th, 2021.