Watch: On Fox News, Eric Trump Says LGBTQ People Support President: 'I'm Part of that Community'

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Eric Trump responded to a new New York Times op-ed piece by Bret Stephens that profiles a woman named Chris, who says she's a lesbian and plans to vote for Donald Trump at the upcoming presidential election, on a Fox News segment that's now going viral.

"There might be a lot of people voting for your dad who aren't admitting it," Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt said to Eric Trump. "Are you counting on this person, on the secret voter?"

"Ainsley, that person is there I'm telling you I see it every day," he said. "The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I'm part of that community, and we love the man."

His message soon went viral on Twitter and the clip was viewed almost 2 million times, leaving many wondering if his comments meant he was coming out. Find the best reactions to the clip below.