Death Reported on Atlantis 30th Anniversary Cruise

Saturday January 22, 2022

A image shared on social media of the 30th anniversary Atlantis Cruise
A image shared on social media of the 30th anniversary Atlantis Cruise  (Source:Twitter)

There has been a death onboard the Atlantis Events' 30th Anniversary Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, the Advocate reported.

The publication "has confirmed the death with Atlantis Events. While a representative said the death was 'nothing out of the ordinary,' they referred The Advocate to Royal Caribbean for comment on cause of death."

The cruise, on the Oasis of the Seas with some 4,700 onboard, received much attention recently when the New York Times ran a story about the cruise that suggested it had the potential of being a super-spreader event. The story was criticized by some for profiling a gay cruise while there were numerous more mainstream cruises were at sea.

What was most disconcerting about the Times story was a quote from a man who perpetuated a trope of the careless, partying circuit goer "who paid more than $4,000 for the weeklong cruise onboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas." In the controversial quote he says: "This is going to be the wildest party for our community in two years. I'm talking dirty dancing, sex, drugs, raves, orgies and sweet, sweet freedom."

"Thursday night, Chris Wiggins, a freelance journalist who has written for USA Today, tweeted that he had confirmed a death of 'at least one person" on the ship. He wrote that the cause of death is currently unclear. He said he confirmed this information with sources onboard the ship," adds the Advocate.

"A mostly anonymous commenter wrote in response to his tweet that the death was from a "legit (non-drug related) medical issue. This was not the first death of an Atlantis Events cruise."

In January 2020 a technical crew member went overboard, and in January 2018 reality star Joel Taylor died of a suspected overdose. Cruise Law News, a blog that covers the cruise industry, reports at least five deaths in the past decade on Atlantis Events charters. 

Wiggins tweeted again, writing: "There have been several 'Code Alpha' medical emergencies on the @RoyalCaribbeanOasis of the Seas underway currently on the Atlantis Gay Cruise. At least one of those ship-wide alarms was for a person found in cardiac arrest in their cabin. That person has died."

In a third tweet, he pointed out that there have been deaths in the past on these cruises and they are not uncommon.

And in a fourth he shared a short video of a jammed deck filled with shirtless men.

One Twitter user slammed the Advocate for sensationalism in their reporting.

While on social media, some shared pics from the event while others slammed it: