Watch: Out Man Ejected from Southwest Flight for Wearing Too Much Protection

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Bradford Nordeen
Bradford Nordeen  (Source:Facebook)

Can having too much protection from COVID-19 be a problem?

It was for Bradford Nordeen, the creative director of a platform for queer film, video and performance called Dirty Looks Inc. He was on a Southwest Airlines' flight from St. Louis to Los Angeles wearing both a mask and a visor, and was asked to leave the plane because "a flight attendant felt 'uncomfortable' with the visor," LGBTQ Nation reports..

"I was just forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for using a visor face covering," he posted on Facebook. "I was met by 5 police officers when the tinted face shield 'scared' a local, St Louis crew member. I apologized and removed the covering but the message from the captain claimed that they were not safe to fly with my face covering. They put my health at jeopardy and are promoting inconsistent and unsafe information on their flight protocol."

His removal was at odds with policies found on the Southwest Airlines' website: "Customers are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times during their Southwest travel experience... "Face shields may be worn in addition to face coverings, but not in place of face coverings."

He told LGBTQ Nation that he had not exhibited any objectionable behavior before he was called to the front of the plane where he was told his viser made a flight attendant "uncomfortable," and he would have to remove it. Nordeen pointed out that by removing it, he would no longer be following protocol to best protect himself in the confined setting of a plane, especially since he was headed to visit his 71-year old mother "and did not want to bring the virus home."

Nordeen felt intimidated and embarrassed after "being singled out as disruptive and paraded to the front of the plane, because I was wearing an additional facial cover. I was calm and collected and explained my desire to wear the visor in accordance with several safety articles I had read online," LGBTQ Nation reports.

He removed the visor after it became clear that he wouldn't be able to fly with it on. He then said "shame on you" to two flight attendants and returned to his seat. "At this point I was forcibly removed from the flight, where 5 security or police officers with guns and handcuffs were waiting for me on the bridge."

He was rebooked for a later flight. "Southwest's response was that I ultimately arrived at my destination so the best they could do was offer me a $100 Love voucher," he wrote on Facebook.

"A voucher is not money or a reparation. A voucher is an assurance of future patronage. I asked for my flight to be reimbursed — at the very least — and for an apology. They offered that the voucher was an apology."

Nordeen is calling for a boycott of Southwest Airlines. For more on this, visit the #boycottsouthwestair Facebook page.

You can watch his video about the incident here.

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