Watch: Ind. School Official Says 'Cry Me a River' When Confronted About LGBTQ Suicides

Saturday November 30, 2019

A member of a school board in Indiana was recorded telling activists to "cry me a river" while making a violin motion when asked about asked about the rights of transgender students, according to the Illinois Eagle.

The Tri-State Alliance, a LGBTQ group for southeastern Illinois as well as southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, has attended a number of board meetings for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation in Indiana, the newspaper reports. Six of the 10 activists signed up to speak at the meeting but only one member was reportedly allowed to actually talk as the school board president Karen Ragland allegedly denied the others the opportunity. Five more were eventually allowed to speak after the Tri-State Alliance held a protest.

After the meeting, a board member the Illinois Eagle identifies as Ann Ennis approached Tri-State Alliance members. In a video posted to the group's Facebook page, its president Wally Paynter can be heard calling Ellis "so transphobic."

"When you met with us, you were so transphobic," Paynter added.

Ennis is seen walking way from the group while saying, "cry me a river" while making a motion of playing the violin.

"Oh, cry us a river about the kids who have died?" an Tri-State Alliance member is heard saying as Ennis walks away and leaves the room.

In its post of the video, the group writes:

In January of 2017 on the first day of school, an LGBTQ teen committed suicide in front of the main doors of Central High School an hour before school started. Tri-State Alliance has pushed the school board since that incident to make changes in school policy. The school board added sexual orientation but NOT gender identity to their non-discrimination policy, they have since lost a lawsuit brought by a trans student, and they continue to refuse to utilize 'best practices' when it comes to policies working with transgender students.

Watch the clip below.

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