'Mr. Gay England' Trans Finalist Targeted by Anti-Trans LGB Alliance

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Chiyo Gomes
Chiyo Gomes  (Source:Chiyo Gomes / Twitter)

Chiyo Gomes, a 24-year-old drag artist and transgender finalist for Mr. Gay England, has been on the receiving end of attacks by the LGB Alliance, an extreme trans-exclusionary group:

The LGB Alliance response appears to stem from an interview Attitude conducted with Gomes last month.

In the interview, Gomes expresses joy at having made the finals, and questions why it has "taken so long for [a trans person] to be platformed this way." Gomes was also open about how, despite having chest reconstruction, "I have no intention of getting any procedures done that may impact my WAP." As such, Gomes has faced challenges in navigating gay spaces as a femme transman who experiences menstruation.

Many responded to LGB Alliance's tweet not only in support of Gomes but also for greater inclusivity in the LGBTQ community:

Both Mr. Gay England and Brian Sims, openly gay Democrat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, responded with support as well:

Gomes has also taken the LGB Alliance to task for using his likeness to garner attention:

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