'People Are Just Awful': Out Brit Celeb Duncan James Reveals Daughter is Being Trolled Because He's Gay

Friday March 5, 2021
Originally published on March 5, 2021

Duncan James, out ex-boy band member and popular British television personality, told the tabloid The Sun that his 16-year-old daughter Tianie is being victimized on social media because he's gay.

"She is at an age where she is very much into her phone, and her friends are all on social media platforms like TikTok — it's very much her life," the 42-year-old ex-member of the band explained.

"But she's also aware that people could be horrible. People can be quite nasty about me being gay and say quite horrible things about the fact that I'm a gay dad."

To illustrate the point, he wrote: "People have written to her, saying, 'Isn't it disgusting your dad's gay? How do you feel?'

"'You must be ashamed of him', and stuff like that, and you're just like, 'Why are you writing to a kid saying stuff like that? Are you really crazy?' People are just awful."

He also, Pink News reports, "opened up about the vicious abuse he has been subjected to on social media by homophobic trolls."

"I've had quite a lot of people from other countries writing to me in disbelief that I'm gay, saying I'm going to burn in hell, it's a sin, and I'm going to be punished by God," he revealed.

"I think it's probably because they're frightened about it, or they don't have the awareness or their religion has dictated that it's wrong, and it's disgusting."

Last month James introduced his Belgian boyfriend Rodrigo Reis to the world on the British chat show "Loose Women" in a seven-minute interview as part of the show's Love Week, EDGE reported.

"Rodrigo is the first relationship I've had when I've gone public with. The reaction was crazy," he told the chat show's panel.

James was a paparazzi favorite when he dated such women as Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, but was terrified at the prospect of coming out as gay.

"It was a really hard thing to do, coming from a boy band and world where you had a lot of female fans. I didn't want to alienate my fans, there was a lot of pressure from the record company, I didn't want to let the boys down," he said.

"It was so stupid, I had all these issues in my head about my sexuality...so I thought it was best to keep my mouth shut."