Watch: Co-Parenting's the Thing for Anderson Cooper and Live-in Ex- Benjamin Maisani

Tuesday February 23, 2021
Originally published on February 11, 2021

Anderson Cooper opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about co-parenting with ex- Benjamin Maisani, the Daily Mail reports.

"Anderson Cooper and his former partner Benjamin Maisani are so committed to raising their son together that they continue to share a home despite their breakup," writes the DM.

The 53-year-old CNN anchor and the 48-year-old nightclub owner broke up in 2018 after nine years together. They welcomed Wyatt in April 2020 via a surrogate.

"We actually still live in the same house because we get along really well," the CNN anchor said during a TV interview.

"It works out," he went on. "It was interesting because he wasn't really sure he wanted to have a kid, which was one of the reasons we probably broke up. But then he came around on the idea, and now he is just such a great parent."

Cooper added that it was really sweet to see Maisani caught "weeping" during Wyatt's vaccination appointment.

But, he added, don't expect the couple to be a couple again soon. "No. It's not going to happen."

Asked if he wanted a second child, Cooper answered:

"I don't know. Yes, I would love to. I think it would be great for him to have a sibling. I'm not sure I could handle another, but he's really such an easy kid."

Adding, "He's still sleeping, like, 12 and a half hours every night, he eats his sweet peas and his mushed little cauliflower. He's such a happy little chappy. It's such a joy."

Watch the interview: