Workout: The Art of Aging

by Blake Beckcom

Rage Monthly

Sunday March 26, 2017

Aging is an unavoidable process, though your attitude about it can greatly affect your experience. People age at different paces, much of it having
to do with one's lifestyle, but, a positive attitude helps, as well. The way you see the aging process mentally, can be a big factor in your physical health.

Studies have shown that as you see yourself increase in age, if your attitude does not stay positive, you may enter a cycle of decline, which in turn will halt physical and social activities, leading to faster aging. The negative state of mind becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading people to live a
lower quality of life. Alternatively, believing you are as healthy as ever increases the chance your lifestyle will reflect that.

Positive Perception of Aging

A positive mindset can help you live longer. Older people who have healthy perceptions about the aging process while they are middle-aged, tend to live up to seven years longer than those who have a negative self-perception.

Part of this may be due to the will to live, but a negative view on aging can have a negative impact on the occurrence of health problems such as Alzheimer's disease, as well.

It has also been found that older people who feel positive about their aging are 44 percent more likely than those who feel negatively to be able
to recover from severe disability. The power of positive thinking is linked to: Improving the body's response to stress, improved balance, self-efficacy, as well as increased, healthy behaviors and a sense of life purpose, which can also lower the risk of disease.


Neurasthenia was a common health condition in the 1880s. The health condition was thought to be a negative result of living too quickly, causing anxiety, headaches, depression and insomnia, amongst other symptoms. Many beliefs motivated popular for treating neurasthenia, including the cure of staying indoors and resting for weeks on end.

Today's neurasthenia seems to manifest itself in stress, due to overworking and over stimulation. Indicating that modern life, does not offer the inner peace necessary to age gracefully.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Your lifestyle, and your decision to be happy, can have a great and positive effect on aging. While society may tell us that with aging comes weakness, one may choose instead to think of it as a time of indulgence, mental clarity and wisdom. Having this positive attitude can be as beneficial as exercise to overall body health.

For example, people who are at a high risk for a heart attack who choose to live a stress-free life and relax more are more likely to overcome heart disease and have stronger cardiovascular health -- an idea that many studies have proven to be true.

Choose Happiness

Don't act your age, if you want to stay young as you start to age. If you tell yourself you are old and weak, your mind and body will follow suit. Believing that you can be fit and healthy, well into your older years, will not only help you to live longer, it will help you do so with a higher quality of life.

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