Watch: HBO Drops Full Trailer for 'Call Me By Your Name' Director's New Show 'We Are Who We Are'

Monday August 31, 2020

A scene from HBO's "We Are Who We Are."
A scene from HBO's "We Are Who We Are."  (Source:YouTube Still via HBO)

HBO has shared the full trailer for "Call Me By Your Name" director Luca Guadagnino's new TV show "We Are Who We Are."

The limited series stars newcomer Jordan Kristine Seamon, Jack Dylan Grazer ("It"), Chloë Sevigny, Kid Cudi and more. The eight-episode season follows two teen Americans stationed at a military base in Venice, Italy. HBO writes the show "follows a group of teens growing up on an American Army base outside of Venice, Italy struggling to find their own identities as they move into young adulthood."

HBO previously teased "We Are Who We Are" and EDGE recently included the program in its highly anticipated TV shows of 2020.

Watch the new trailer below.

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