Shia LaBeouf Jogs On, Even with Unwelcome Legal News

Thursday October 1, 2020

Shia LaBoeuf at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival
Shia LaBoeuf at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival   (Source:Associated Press)

Shia LaBoeuf got some unwelcome news from LA law enforcement on Thursday.

And, according to a report in the Daily Mail, was more focused this morning than interacting with the paparazzi as he jogged through his Pasadena neighborhood.

"Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the 'Honey Boy' star and a man got into some kind of verbal altercation that turned physical back in June in L.A. Our sources say after the dust-up was over, Shia took off the man's cap and left the scene with it."

TMZ adds: "It's unclear what led to the altercation or where exactly it went down but we're told there were no major injuries to either guy, We're told the man filed a police report and cops investigated ... determining Shia was the aggressor."

LaBoeuf was ultimately chaged with battery and petty theft by the L.A. City Attorney, both misdemeanors.

He has had numerous run-ins with the law in recent years. In 2017, the Daily Mail reports, he was arrested for a drunken scuffle in New York City. Also that year he was charged with disorderly conduct in Savannah, when he became aggressive towards a police officer he had asked for a cigarette. And in 2014 he was arrested after disturbing a performance of the musical "Cabaret" on Broadway in New York. He pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct violation and he then received outpatient care for alcohol addiction.

"According to the star his behavior and drug and alcohol use, as well as acting, has been his way to escape," writes the Daily Mail.

LaBeouf told Interview Magazine in 2014: "I've been a runner my whole life, running from myself. Whether to movies or drinking and drugging or fucking calamity or whatever it is, I've always been running."

LaBoeuf recently turned heads when he stole the show at an all-star benefit table reading of the script to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," where he played Sean Penn's break-out role of high school stoner Jeff Spicoli.

He also recently left the cast of Olivia Wilde's new film "Don't Worry Darling," according to Deadline, where he was replaced by Harry Styles.

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