Thirst-trapping 'He's All That' Star Tanner Buchanan Wants to Play Bisexual Robin

Saturday September 11, 2021
Originally published on September 5, 2021

Tanner Buchanan
Tanner Buchanan  (Source:Instagram)

Tanner Buchanan is currently starring in "He's All That," the gender-swapping remake of 1999 teen hit "She's All That", which debuted on Netflix as the #1 most viewed show on the streaming service after being released on August 25.

Buchanan is also featured on the Emmy-nominated series "Cobra Kai," also on Netflix.

Speaking on the podcast "Just for Variety," the 22-year-old hunk said "he'd love to play his favorite superhero, Robin, opposite Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. He also wouldn't mind playing the character as bisexual, as he is in the August issue of 'Batman: Urban Legends.' " 

"If I have the opportunity to represent something like that, that's incredible," Buchanan says. "If they're willing to write it, then you know what? Of course I'm going to play it".

Buchanan has played LGBTQ characters previously on "The Fosters" and on an episode of TNT's "Major Crimes."

Saying that he comes from the Midwest (Ohio) that can be "a little conservative sometimes," Buchanan noted, "Growing up, people aren't exposed to the world and I was lucky enough to have come out to LA where it's a completely different world than Midwest. And my eyes were open to that from a very young age that I was like, 'Yeah, that makes sense.' "

"Batman's long-running sidekick Robin came out as bisexual in a recent issue of the anthology series 'Batman: Urban Legends'," reports Pink News. "In the comic, Tim Drake — the third character to take on the mantle of Robin — explored his close friendship with another male character named Bernard.

"Bernard is kidnapped by a villain, and Drake comes to his friend's rescue. After the pair make it to safety, Bernard asks Tim out on a date, which the young hero eagerly accepts."

Meghan Fitzmartin, the storyline's author, told BBC Radio 4's Today it felt like the "missing piece" of his narrative.

"We were looking at what could we do with Tim and what stories do we want to tell with Tim," she said. "It's been a while since he's had his own story."

She continued: "I went back and I read a bunch of the comics that I grew up with and just really spent some time with that character to figure out what what stories did I want to tell and there were these pieces that kept coming together that felt that they didn't have context without this final piece of having him realize his own sexuality, that this is part of who he is as a person and as a character."

She added: "It felt like this was a missing piece in the understanding of this character, so it was sort of moving forward in in that direction."

Buchanan also discussed his "He's All That" co-star Addison Rae, the TikTok star who makes her acting debut in the film. "She did audition for this," Buchanan tells Variety. "She had to send them her self-tapes and everything. Everybody had to be OK with her, and she did an amazing job."

He also admits to having her show him up while filming. "I'm really big about my lines, but I screw up a lot," Buchanan says. "She knew her lines way better than I knew mine. She was on top of it the entire time. That's what I keep telling people is you would think that she's [been acting] for years."

As for "Cobra Kai's" surprise Emmy nom (it is up for outstanding comedy series, a category that includes "Ted Lasso," "Black-ish," "Emily in Paris," "The Flight Attendant," "Hacks," "The Kominsky Method," and "Pen15"), he says: "I don't think any of us were expecting it. Nor do I want to expect anything. I love what I do, and we just try to make a good show and that's all that matters."

Rumors have swirled that he is dating Rae, but the website Pop Sugar says he's not. "Tanner has actually been dating fellow actress Lizze Broadway since they were teenagers. During an appearance on Anna Faris's Unqualified podcast on Aug. 16, the 22-year-old actor opened up about their years-long relationship, revealing they broke up once when Tanner was 17 or 18. Luckily, they eventually patched things up and have been going strong ever since. Ahead of the Aug. 27 premiere of 'He's All That,' see some of Tanner and Lizze's cutest moments ahead."

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