Outrage Ensues as Netflix Lays Off Queer, Diverse Staff in 150 Employee Cut

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday May 30, 2022
Originally published on May 19, 2022

Outrage Ensues as Netflix Lays Off Queer, Diverse Staff in 150 Employee Cut

Netflix is once again in hot water with its target audience of young streamers after the company announced a massive cut of 150 employees, Entrepreneur reported.

The cuts come after reports that Netflix lost a massive amount of subscribers in Q1 and is expected to lose around 2 million in Q2, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Included in the company's cuts reportedly were queer, diverse staff, reportedly 60 to 70 contractors working on its social media and publishing channels devoted to diversifying the streamers programming, such as Strong Black Lead, Golden, Con Todo and Most.

Naturally, people took to social media air out their grievances with the company and call the company to the carpet for its continued mismanagement of its staff and financial choices.

"Firing staff working in non-white and LGBTQ departments when a vast majority of the stories which air on your platform already have white cishets in the forefront is such a poor move but also not surprising from Netflix at all," tweeted one user about the company.

Another tweeted that the situation is just "ugly."

"Netflix laying off all the Black people they hired two years after the huge push in 2020 for more equity for Black creatives across the industry is ugly as hell," they tweeted.

Perhaps if the company didn't spend so much on anti-trans comedy specials from Dave Chapelle they would have enough money to keep enough staff to run the company?