Activities That Are a Click Away: Industries Investing in Mobile-Friendly Websites

Monday June 14, 2021

Most online activities nowadays — be it shopping, playing games, or reading the news — require you to download apps on your smartphone or install software on your computer. However, there are still industries that invest heavily in their websites so that people with limited device space and those who prefer to carry out tasks in a simpler manner have that option.

Although there aren't many that focus more on the design of a mobile-friendly user interface, rather than an app, here is a couple of them.

Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is one of the most innovative and competitive industries out there when it comes to its investment in mobile technology. It has been extremely open about embracing the latest developments and using them to its advantage. For example, playing online bingo doesn't require downloading software on your mobile with Paddy Power because the company has allocated a great deal of its budget to improve its website's mobile compatibility. When it comes to bingo, a staple in the gambling community, providing an accessible and unique platform can create a customized experience.

Coupled with compatibility, which is key to the smooth running of any website, the games offered today have been created specifically for mobile devices. Software developers, such as Playtech, provide a wide variety of games for both traditional and modern tastes. To stand out from the competitors, online casino platforms strengthen their promotions and bonuses with unique ideas, such as free bingo for six hours a day. Moreover, the investments have also been allocated to the security and support side of the business, ensuring customers feel safe and assisted throughout.


If we could name just one industry that is fully dedicated to its customers, that would be hospitality. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that hotels, restaurants, and bars have some of the best mobile-friendly websites out there. Despite working hard on the design to ensure it reflects the atmosphere of the company and highlights its best features, businesses in the hospitality industry also make their websites easy to navigate and browse using mobile devices.

Consumer habits are constantly changing and upgrading with the advancements in technology, so for businesses in this sector, it is crucial to take all the right measures to not fall behind their competitors. This ever-evolving industry is one of the world's most competitive areas to start a business in, with new brands trying to make a name for themselves at every turn. Therefore, providing high-quality services right from visiting the website illustrates the dedication and professionalism a brand has for its potential customers, which helps it to thrive in this market.

Compared to laptops and bigger devices in both size and storage, mobile phones are more difficult to work with. The work that goes into creating a mobile-friendly interface is a lot more thorough because it needs to be adapted to the display size, to run smoothly, and it needs to be minimalist enough to make scrolling easy. People spend between six and 10 seconds on a loading website before closing the tab. If the website is not qualitative enough, a business could easily lose visitor numbers and, subsequently, its capital.