Out 'Project Runway' Star Jack Mackenroth Offers Trump Ironic Letter of Thanks

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Jack Mackenroth
Jack Mackenroth  (Source:Jack Mackenroth/Instagram)

Jack Mackenroth, a "Project Runway" alum who is currently at OnlyFans, offered President Donald Trump a heartfelt letter of thanks - an ironic no-thank-you letter of thanks, that is, detailing a lengthy (but far from comprehensive) list of Trump's deeds from over the last four years.

"Dear Mr. Trump," the letter, which appeared at Means Happy, began. "I would like to thank you."

What followed was a mini-compendium by the HIV/AIDS advocate and proponent of LGBTQ equality of some of the president's controversial actions (and lack of action, in some cases) across the last four years. The letter started out by offering the president kudos for "making the United States the most unhealthy, 1st world country in the world by cutting healthcare, [and] letting Covid-19 go unchecked which MASSIVELY contributed to the mental health issues of this nation."

The letter then went on to thank Trump for "taking no responsibility for ANYTHING (except successful things which you actually didn't do)," "destroying the economy for probably the next decade," "making lying the new truth," "dividing this country more than anyone thought possible," and "being the figure head for a new pervasive culture of bullying where people now think it's the norm." Added Mackenroth: "That's your only trickle down theory that has worked."

The letter also referenced nepotism, the Trump administration's attacks on the postal system and reproductive rights, and - mocking the claim that Trump has been more LGBTQ-friendly than any previous president - "removing trans folks from the military when experts advised against it."

"Thank you for being an amazing role model in so many ways," the letter reads at one point, "notably having adulterous sex with porn stars and paying them hush money.

"Any Democrat president would have been impeached and removed for .1% of the things you've done."

Mackenroth mirrored that figure toward the end of the letter, writing, "my hand is numb from referencing about 2% of the atrocities."

Mackenroth posted a link at Twitter, asking his fans to spread the word of his blistering comments.

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