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Is Disgraced Rep Goodman Ohio's Gay Answer to Roy Moore?

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017

Although he was reportedly protected by the silence of anti-LGBTQ hate group leader Tony Perkins for two years, the waters for disgraced Ohio state representative Wes Goodman just got murkier as a crowded pool of young men stepped forward to allege that the "family values" Republican pursued them online.

A piece published Monday by the Independent Journal Review written by Caleb Hull (who disclosed that he was preyed upon by Goodman), documents 30 sources who claim Goodman harassed them online.

Goodman, 33, a married man and rising star in the GOP, made headlines last week when he resigned his position as a representative in the Ohio State legislature after being caught having sex with another man in his office.

In Hull's piece, he obtained testimonies from over 30 individuals who said Goodman used his position in politics to "mentor" young men, the majority of which were between the ages of 18 and 24.

Goodman's preferred mode of communication online was largely through Facebook Messenger. According toIJR, he would allegedly reach out to young men interested in politics- many whom were afraid to step forward lest it damaged their own political aspirations.

"But things tend to turn south quickly," IJR noted. "As he has been known to flirt with men, solicit sex, and even send pictures of his genitals, according to dozens of sources."

Goodman's wife, Bethany, is assistant director for the anti-choice group March for Life, and according to one account, he hoped to use an anti-abortion rally weekend as an opportunity to hook-up.

"He also asked if I would be coming up to D.C. in January for March for Life," said an anonymous source to IJR. "He also repeatedly invited me up to Ohio so I could job shadow him and tour the Ohio Capital. Then in November 2016, one night, he started a conversation about how his wife was asleep, and he was bored. I didn't reply for about 30 min after opening the Snapchat. Then, he sent me videos of him masturbating as well as d**k pics."

The source, who described himself as a "straight, heterosexual male," said he met Goodman online having over 150 mutual friends from the conservative movement.

The IJR piece also included screenshots of numerous flirtatious Facebook Messenger chats with men, some as young as 17.

But Facebook Messenger appeared to be Goodman's gateway. As IJR notes, as the chats progressed, he often would want to take it to the next level - Snapchat, which deletes messages and notifies the user if anything had been screenshotted.

Another source told IJR that Goodman would frequently text him at late hours of the night saying "that his wife was out of town or asleep."

"Goodman asked me personal questions such as if I have a girlfriend or I was single and 'how big I was down there.' He also asked if I was the big or small spoon and the catcher or the pitcher," another source told IJR. "He would snap me late at night around 2 and 3 a.m. saying his wife was sleeping and he was bored and lonely."

None of this should come as any surprise to anti-LGBTQ hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. According to the Washington Post, Perkins was told by a supporter that Goodman fondled his sleeping 18-year-old son while he was a then-candidate for the Ohio legislature.

"If we endorse these types of individuals, then it would seem our whole weekend together was nothing more than a charade," the boy's stepfather wrote to Perkins to demand action. Perkins replied that "this will not be ignored nor swept aside, " but he did say the issue would be "dealt ... with prudence."

And while the incident prompted Perkins to withdraw his support from Goodman's campaign, he remained silent.

The Christian Post ran a piece on the Perkins/Goodman connection on Monday and "reached out to FRC and Perkins for comment, but was told the organization would not be releasing a statement on the issue."

An article published by published on Friday offered a damning account of the pro-family and anti-LGBT representative who had aspirations for a national political career. In it, former GOP congressional staffer, Chris Donnelly said that Goodman was "all over Craigslist" during his time working in Washington, D.C. in 2008.

"It became a running joke between me and my gay friends on Capitol Hill," Donnelly said. "It's not like it was some one-off thing." 


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