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Counter-Rally Against Gay Rights Held in Romania

Saturday Jun 9, 2018

Romanians who consider homosexuality to be a threat to society have rallied in the European country's capital on the same day a gay pride parade is scheduled to take place.

New Right movement leader Tudor Ionescu said the gay pride parade set to take place in Bucharest on Saturday was "a disgrace, a slap on the cheek of a Christian capital."

People taking part in the parade will demand more rights for same-sex couples.

Participants in the opposition rally called for a referendum to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Romania's marriage law currently defines marriage as a union of spouses, which gay rights opponents say could open the door to same-sex marriages.

Orthodox Christian monk Ciprian Timofte said homosexual activity, which was decriminalized in 2002, should be outlawed again in Romania.

Meantime, people in Romania's capital are gearing up for a gay pride parade that will feature calls for same-sex couples to receive more rights and acceptance.

Before the parade taking place in Bucharest on Saturday, choreographer Emil Rengle wanted fellow Romanians who oppose same-sex relationships to know, "We love differently because God created us differently."

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled Tuesday that two men - one Romanian, the other American - are entitled to the same residency rights as other married couples in the European Union.

However, the ruling doesn't oblige EU member countries to legalize same-sex marriages.

Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia don't legally recognize same-sex couples.

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