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Survey: Gas Prices Still Falling as Crude Oil Costs Nosedive

Dec 24
Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that the average price of regular gas fell 4 cents in the past two weeks, to $2.06 per gallon. That's the lowest price since April 2009.

Average Gas Price Soon Under $2, Lowest Since Recession

By David Koenig | Dec 15
Gasoline is close to breaking below a key psychological barrier as drivers enjoy some of the cheapest pump prices since the recession.

Survey: US Gas Prices Fall 12 Cents Per Gallon

Dec 9
A national survey reveals the average price of regular gasoline has plunged another 12 cents a gallon over the past two weeks, to $2.72.

Summer gasoline prices should be fairly steady

By Sandy Shore | Jul 13
Gasoline pump prices should stay in a fairly narrow range this summer, putting less strain on family budgets for summer driving trips and commutes to work.

Economy tempers American enthusiasm for the road

By Sandy Shore | Jul 9
Americans won’t be taking long road trips this summer - at least if the latest data on gasoline demand is any indication.

Good news for drivers: Gas prices can fall more

By Mark Williams | Jun 2
Gasoline prices dropped on Tuesday for the 26th straight day as lower oil prices continue to work their way to the nation’s drivers. It looks like there is room for pump prices to move even lower.

As summer nears, expect gas prices to go ... down?

By Mark Williams | May 12
Gas prices are poised to fall as Memorial Day approaches, a welcome change for motorists who have gotten used to seeing increases cut into their summer vacation money.

Oil jumps above $70 on optimism demand to recover

By Alex Kennedy | Aug 3
Oil prices leapt above $70 a barrel Monday in Asia on investor expectations a recovering global economy will boost crude demand.

Gas prices climb 19 cents over 2 weeks

Jun 1
The U.S. price of gasoline jumped 19 cents a gallon during the past two weeks, but remains well below prices from a year ago.

Gas costs more, but don’t expect a repeat of 2008

By John Porretto | May 22
As tens of millions tank up and hit the road for Memorial Day weekend, gas prices are rising fast enough to revive painful memories of the $4-a-gallon summer of 2008.

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