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Discovering Art and Culture in Cape Town

By Kelsy Chauvin | Aug 30
In the shadow of Table Mountain, an art haven is booming. From galleries to one of the world's most impressive contemporary art spaces, Cape Town is proving to be a bastion of artistic expression.

Into the Wild: Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

By Matthew Wexler | Oct 4
It is one of the most iconic safari destinations in the world. But when it comes to Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, how is just as important as where.

Taxi Violence Threatens South African Tourism

Sep 11
The South African government says violence between metered taxi drivers and drivers who use Uber's ride-hailing app threatens the country's tourism industry.

Bird-Riding Loses Luster in South Africa's Ostrich Capital

By Christopher Torchia | May 24
Clambering onto an ostrich for a ride used to be popular among tourists in a South African town known as the "ostrich capital of the world." Not so much anymore.

Photo Essay: Discovering South Africa

By Matthew Wexler | Feb 26
Over two decades of political change and a burgeoning LGBT scene make South Africa a must for the adventurous queer traveler.

International AIDS Conference 2016: A Personal Perspective

By J. Wesley Thompson | Aug 14
My husband Trey and I had the honor of representing North Carolina as delegates to the 2016 International AIDS Conference (IAC) held recently in Durban, South Africa.

Toya Delazy's 'Forbidden Fruit' Gets 3 Noms at OUT Music Awards

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 20
Zulu pop princess Toya Delazy, who took on the anti-gay laws wave in Africa with a daring new music video, was nominated at the 9th OUT Music Awards in 3 categories: Best Alternative Song, Best International Song and Best Single of the year.

Where to Go in 2015: Cape Town

By Matthew Wexler | Dec 29
Wondering where to go in 2015? EDGE's hot list continues. For the third installment in our seven-part series, we head to Cape Town, South Africa.

Zulu Pop Princess Toya Delazy Takes on Africa's Anti-Gay Laws

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 1
After gaining recognition both sides of the Atlantic, this Zulu royal is pushing boundaries which shows in the album's first single and music video, "Forbidden Fruit," a controversial and daring video.

Gay South African Man Reportedly Stoned to Death

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 26
A gay man from South Africa was reportedly stoned to death this week.

1 thru 10 of 61 Stories