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Review: A Rom-Com Gone Wrong in Netflix's 'Holidate'

By Lindsey Bahr | Friday Oct 30, 2020
It's a perfect rom-com concept in that it's equal parts ridiculous and shamefully appealing. Unfortunately, like so many that have come before, it's pretty terrible, too.

Two Same-Sex Couples in Military Marry in First for Taiwan

By Huizhong Wu | Friday Oct 30, 2020
Two lesbian couples tied the knot in a mass wedding held by Taiwan's military on Friday in a historic celebration with their peers.

Head of Church in Montenegro Dies After COVID-19 Infection

Friday Oct 30, 2020
The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro has died in hospital after contracting the coronavirus, the church said Friday.

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Marry in Private Ceremony

Friday Oct 30, 2020
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have tied the knot a year after engagement.

Paris Jackson Mines Her Heartache for Solo Debut Album

By Brooke Lefferts | Friday Oct 30, 2020
It started in her bedroom with just a guitar, but Paris Jackson has turned coping with the heartache after a recent breakup into her debut solo album.

As Virus Surges, Trump Rallies Keep Packing in Thousands

By Deb Riechmann | Friday Oct 30, 2020
There are no crowds at Disneyland, still shut down by the coronavirus. Fewer fans attended the World Series this year than at any time in the past century. Big concerts are canceled.

Harris Target of More Misinformation than Pence, Data Shows

By Amanda Seitz | Friday Oct 30, 2020
Long before Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced her as his running mate, Kamala Harris was the target of widespread online misinformation.


By Deb Riechmann | Friday Oct 30, 2020
There are no crowds at Disneyland, still shut down by the coronavirus. Fewer fans attended the World Series this year than at any time in the past century. Big concerts are canceled.

FBI Warns Ransomware Assault Threatens US Health Care System

By Frank Bajak | Friday Oct 30, 2020
Federal agencies warned that cybercriminals could unleash a wave of data-scrambling extortion attempts against the U.S. health care system.

On Virus, Trump and Health Advisers Go Their Separate Ways

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Friday Oct 30, 2020
A multi-state coronavirus surge in the countdown to Election Day has exposed a clear split between President Donald Trump's bullish embrace of a return to normalcy and urgent public warnings from the government's top health officials.

New Channel Offers Fare for Women in the LGBTQ Community

Thursday Oct 29, 2020
An online channel devoted to women in the LGBTQ community is launching with shows including a pandemic-set romantic comedy and a paranormal drama.

Falwell Sues Liberty, Saying School Damaged His Reputation

By Sarah Rankin and Elana Schor | Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Jerry Falwell Jr. has sued Liberty University, alleging the evangelical school founded by his late pastor father damaged his reputation after he resigned as president and chancellor in August amid a series of scandals.

Thailand Protesters Take to Street to Mock Fashion Show

By Tassanee Vejpongsa | Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Pro-democracy demonstrators in Thailand returned Thursday to the capital's business district, staging something akin to a street fair to bring attention to their contention that the country's monarchy holds too much power and influence.

Can Video Games Help You Level Up Your Health?

Thursday Oct 29, 2020
While nobody is suggesting you trade in your gym membership for a game subscription, it turns out there probably are worse things you could be doing with your leisure time, experts say.

Feds Issue Coverage Plan for COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatments

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Federal health officials Wednesday issued insurance coverage rules designed to deliver on the promise that every American will have access to free COVID-19 vaccines when they are approved.

Taiwan Marks 200 Days Without Domestic COVID-19 Infection

Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Taiwan hit 200 days without any domestically transmitted cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, highlighting the island's continued success at keeping the virus under control even as cases surge in other parts of the world.

Trump Rule Requires Health Plans to Disclose Costs Up Front

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Trying to pull back the veil on health care costs to encourage competition, the Trump administration on Thursday finalized a requirement for insurers to tell consumers up front the actual prices for common tests and procedures.

Porn Star Ron Jeremy Pleads Not Guilty to New Rape Charges

Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Adult film star Ron Jeremy pleaded not guilty Wednesday to new charges of rape and sexual assault involving six victims, including a teenage girl, prosecutors said.

Watch: Khloe Kardashian Confirms She had Coronavirus in Video

Thursday Oct 29, 2020
Khloe Kardashian says she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Country Artist Cam Confronts Hard Truths on 'The Otherside'

By Kristin M. Hall | Thursday Oct 29, 2020
The five-year journey between albums for country singer Cam was an evolution in coming to grips with hard truths about a music industry that had left her a bit bruised but not broken.

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