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Green Day's 'American Idiot'

by Michelle  Sandoval
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 9, 2015
Green Day's 'American Idiot'

Hollywood has its fair share of great, intimate little theatres hidden along its many eclectic streets. But you'll be pressed to find one as devoted, humble and grateful for over ten years of patronage to the community as the DOMA Theatre Company operating out of The Met Theatre.

Founders Dolf Ramos and Marco Gomez have introduced every single show I have attended and every time they do they seem so proud of their cast and crew and appreciative of each and every audience member. You can tell these two truly love what they do, and the energy they exude is infectious in the best way possible.

Their latest offering is Green Day's "American Idiot," a rock musical based on the band's multi-award winning album of the same name. The show is dramatic, offensive, touching and powerful, just about everything you could ask for in a night of phenomenal musical theatre.

"American Idiot" was constructed from Green Day's Grammy award winning album, with music entirely by the band and lyrics composed by front-man Billie Joe Armstrong. Based somewhat on the complicated musician's real story, the show follows three friends as they go their own way trying to find meaning in a world they feel they have no place in. We see them follow three very different paths: musician, military soldier and family man.

Along the way they each experience anger, fear, frustration, love and loss as they struggle to find themselves. Crafted around an excellent musical score, the audience gets a shocking taste of the characters' inner battles set to some of the band's most iconic hits.

The show itself captures the emotion put into Green Day's poetic and celebrated album, and with the book, music and lyrics created by the band's front-man himself, you're in for a tremendous theatrical sensation that presents an abrasively dynamic look at the frustration and dreams of a lost generation of young Americans.

The stars of the night are Jess Ford as Johnny, narrator and center of this punk rock universe, and Andrew Diego as St. Jimmy, his fictitious nemesis and the raw embodiment of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Have you ever wondered how addiction is able to grab people by the limbs and physically break them down to their very core?

These two paint the painful picture right before you, from the innocent beginning to the knockdown, drag out fight for your life to escape in the end. I can't say enough about these two. I would go back for Ford's sentimental painful ballads alone, as I would for Diego's dangerously addictive performance.

Chris Kerrigan and Wesley Moran play Tunny and Will, the leading men to our other plots and while they are very much a part of the story, you might find yourself longing for more Johnny. He is the true leader, regardless of how broken he is, that leads us through this troubled tale.

It's important to mention Jackee Bianchi as Heather, and Renee Cohen as Whatshername because they are a reminder that standing next to all of these men behind their microphones or bottles are the girls that adore them. All too many times these relationships crumble. Bravo to these two great women for letting us into the vulnerable worlds of their characters.

Every once in a while a show comes along that is nothing short of inspiring. With "American Idiot," you can see the passion in every actor on stage, hear it in every line spoken or sung, and see it radiate from the cast as they take their final bows. The Doma Theatre's "American Idiot" is an electrifying production that can be summed up in one, powerful, little word -- WOW.

"American Idiot" runs through August 2 at The MET Theatre, 1089 N. Oxford Avenue in Hollywood. For information or tickets, call 323-802-9181 or visit www.domatheatre.com.

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