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'Beats Per Minute' :: France's AIDS Biopic

'Beats Per Minute' :: France's AIDS Biopic

By Chris Carpenter | Nov 11
A number of powerful films depicting the early years of the HIV/AIDS crisis are rightly considered classics. We can now add to this list Robin Campillo's excellent addition, "BPM (Beats Per Minute)."

Wondrous World of Tom of Finland

Wondrous World of Tom of Finland

By David Lamble | Oct 19
Early in the new biopic "Tom of Finland," opening Friday, our hero is a Finnish soldier guarding his country's northern border from enemy attack.

HRC Calls on Trump to Withdraw Anti-LGBTQ Nominee Jeff Mateer

HRC Calls on Trump to Withdraw Anti-LGBTQ Nominee Jeff Mateer

Sep 22
HRC called on the Trump-Pence administration to withdraw its nomination of Jeff Mateer, an anti-LGBTQ extremist recently put forward for a district judge appointment in Texas.

Four Reasons '1:54' is a Must-Watch Film

By Mikey Rox | Jul 15
Earlier this spring I attended the OUTshine LGBT film festival in Miami, and throughout the 10-day indie-flick extravaganza I caught a number of powerful, relatable and touching movies from across the globe.

Classic Movie Channel Honors Gays

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 10
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) celebrates Pride through June by recalling the lives and works of actors and filmmakers who dared to be openly gay during Hollywood's Golden Age. Each Thursday in June, TCM presents "Gay Hollywood."

Love LGBTQ-Style On the Silver Screen

By Chris Carpenter | Feb 5
Lots of people turn to romantic movies this time of year for both encouragement and solace, which got us at The Rage Monthly thinking about those LGBTQ-themed films that can be considered"most romantic."

'Moonlight' Bests Field in Gay and Lesbian 'Dorian' Awards

By JW Arnold | Feb 4
After landing top honors for a big screen drama at the Golden Globe Awards, "Moonlight," the melancholy drama about a gay African-American man in Miami's gritty Liberty City neighborhood, was named film of the year last week by GALECA.

Best Films of 2016 (Part 2)

By David Lamble | Dec 31
This second part of our Best Films list is dedicated to the rebels, the misfits, the semi-permanently disgruntled if not entirely mad souls who will be both freshly relevant in the new year and quaking with targets on their foreheads.

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival

By Bill Biss | Sep 17
Michael Carroll Green has been the managing director of Cinema Diverse for five years now. Michael shares his insights into how the films are chosen, the manner in which specific films are awarded, and some highlights.

Celebrating Cinematic Diversity

By Chris Carpenter | Sep 7
Palm Springs' Cinema Diverse may have a bigger reputation and budget, but each September also brings the Long Beach Q Film Festival.

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