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Consumer Watchdog Considering Repeal of Payday Lending Rule

By Ken Sweet | Jan 18
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has decided to reconsider a key set of rules enacted last year that would have protected consumers against harmful payday lenders.

Liz Weston: How to 'Death Clean' Your Finances

By Liz Weston | Dec 26
The phrase "death cleaning" may sound jarring to unaccustomed ears, but the concept makes sense. It's about getting rid of excess rather than leaving a mess for your heirs to sort out.

What to Expect for Your Personal Finances in 2018

By Sarah Skidmore Sell | Dec 26
The Associated Press asked several experts to share their opinion on what will happen with some key issues in 2018 that will directly impact your personal financial well-being. Here's a look at their forecasts.

Ask Brianna: Can I Give to Charity if Money is Tight?

By Brinna McGurran | Dec 25
'Tis the season to be generous. Or should that be, the season to be parsimonious?

Liz Weston: Are You Paying Too Much for Financial Advice?

By Liz Weston | Nov 29
Investment management can cost as little as 0.25 percent of a portfolio's value each year. Yet many people still pay 1 percent, or even more, for financial advice.

House Sends $15B Harvey Aid Bill, Debt Hike to Trump to Sign

By Andrew Taylor | Sep 8
The House voted overwhelmingly on Friday to send a $15.3 billion disaster aid package to President Donald Trump, overcoming conservative objections to linking the emergency legislation to a temporary increase in America's borrowing authority.

Ask Brianna: How Do I Afford College As An Older Student?

By Brianna McGurran | Aug 14
In most cases, a postsecondary degree is a straight path to more money and more job security. But expecting that you'll make more money someday won't totally ameliorate the sticker shock now. Here's how to cope.

Stop Counting Other People's Money

By Liz Weston | Aug 13
The new car, that house and that exotic trip are the shiny end results of a series of decisions hidden below the surface. What we don't see, typically, are the trade-offs - or their consequences.

What to Do When Your Credit Card Issuer Blindsides You

By Claire Tsosie | Aug 11
It's easy to feel blindsided when a credit card issuer makes a negative change to your account, such as closing it, raising your interest rate, or reducing your credit limit. Such steps are legal, but may not seem fair.

Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness - If You Spend It to Save Time

By Seth Borenstein | Jul 29
People who dole out cash to save time on things like housekeeping, delivery services and taxis are a little bit happier than those who don't, new research finds.

1 thru 10 of 64 Stories