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Grooming Gear :: An EDGE Holiday Gift Guide

by David Andrusia
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

Who says the dudes are hard to shop for? Buy 'em a tie or power tool and you're their new GBF.

But gift-buying for our tribe can be a travail- don't we usually already have the hottest, hippest merch around?

Not when it's the newest, niftiest beauty and grooming gear. Even your most avant amigos won't have these finds- and won't you look cool when you gift 'em with these gorgeous goodies?

Maison Magnifique

Outsmart the human who thinks they have everything with a sui generis scent from Maison de Návar. This Austin-based company fashions completely customized scented skin care products based on a half-hour questionnaire "fitting" that your lucky someone discreetly completes on-line. Seven days later, they are whisked a personalized fine fragrance, along with samples of the line’s anti-aging products (we swear by the Botox-like line reducer). No two scents are ever alike, and their Aromatarii (master parfumier) uses no artificial preservatives, insisting on 100% pure rain water and only natural ingredients from around the world to craft scents as natural as they are original. One-of-a-kind? With his/her own signature scent, your special someone will be just that.

As a special offer to EDGE readers, this company will waive the $250 profile evaluation and sell the normally $500 custom fragrance for $250. To register, visit After the flash page, click in on the upper right hand corner, MIO Profile New customer Request. Register for access, and when you’re sent the profile/questionnaire, tell them you read about it in EDGE!

Rip Them Wrinkles

What I want this holiday: a gift certificate for BOTOX or JUVÉDERM dermal filler. Or better yet- both. So does everyone else over 35. (Yes, we know-some start in their late ’20s, but even we weren’t that neurotic.)

To demystify: BOTOX is a simple, minimally invasive, physician-administered, non-surgical, aesthetic inject able treatment that temporarily reduces muscle activity and improves the look of the moderate to severe frown lines--the ’11’ --between the brows for up to four months.

JUVÉDERM Ultra and JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus are FDA-approved dermal fillers and the only HA dermal fillers that last one year from initial treatment, providing a smooth, long-lasting correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Be warned: both are addictions. We’ve contemplated purse snatchings to feed ours.

Find a cosmetic physician near you at and

Royal Regard

Some products are only fit for a queen. Case in point: Orlane’s new Crème Royale Yeux, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology for what is perhaps the dearest eye cream in the world. We’re not exactly sure what Royale Gelee is (the marketing info says it’s only found in nature and can’t be reproduced by science), but we know what it does--firms, plumps, and tones our skin most regally. It also contains 24-karat gold to prevent sagging and lupine extract to fight circles and degradation of tone. For the truly imperial--or imperious--ones on your holiday list, this may be the crown jewel under the tree.

$300 at Neiman-Marcus stores nationwide.

Samples? Sale!

We love sampling fragrances but hate the atomic-sized echantillons most stores provide. So a big-up to Sephora for their Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her, which features untiny sizes of 12 of their best-loved fragrances and a nifty, "jeweled" atomizer for easy spraying. Among them: Dior’s Addict 2, Stella McCartney’s Stella Nude" and Michael Kors’s Very Hollywood.

But wait-there’s (much) more: each sampler box comes with a certificate for a full-size sample of any of these fragrances for FREE (redeem at any Sephora store nationwide). Beauty and bargains? Bodacious! (There’s a men’s sampler, too!)

$50 at Sephora stores and at

Go Glow, Girl

We were charmed by the uniquely decorative jar that Get Glow’s Intense Hair Repair Nourishing Treatment arrived in--pretty enough to grace our computer table! But we loved what it did for our overstressed (OK, overbleached) hair so we’re keeping it in the shower. Wheat protein, grapeseed extract, Pacific sea kelp, and all kinds of vitamins make this a supereffective conditioner, and the smell--grace notes of orange rind and cut grass--made us swoon. It’s the rare hair product that’s sweet enough to give as a gift, but this one makes the grade.

$19.00 at at (with a 2+1 special now underway).

Bathing Beauty

Dr. Hauschka’s website suggests this gift for Mom. But, gee-we think these all-natural essential bath oils would delight anyone looking for some hydrotherapeutic distressing. The sleek metallic box beckons with lemon, lavender, rosemary, spruce, and sage, each replete with natural oils and other essential elements. The lucky recipient-Mom or otherwise--will smell sensational and have supersoft skin besides. (And the silverette box will make a nifty laptop carrying case takealong, too.)

$20 at Whole Foods stores nationwide and at

Fire Your Forest

There’s no easy way to say, "Honey, your pubes are skank." So give the gift that keeps on giving: the Peeka-bu Intimate Grooming Mirror. Featuring the best tag line of the year ("You See You"), this snaky (almost an anagram for skanky, but not quite) mirror affixes to bathroom mirrors via suction cup (which looks like it might have a few fun uses of its own), shower tiles, or even the inner top of the commode for really slinky shaving maneuvers. Unattached? Pick the Peeka-bu as your self-love gift--especially if your own tree needs a trimming.

$29 at

Chung Shui

Bad foot health means bad grooming; we’d begun to experience all those over-40 podiatric woes our parents had. Since we live in Koreatown, we knew about these soles from Seoul but had to learn more--and are glad we did.

Payless has its moments, but for foot grooming and health, these are da bomb. The classic balance step shoes actually improves foot architecture and the blood circulation with every step you take. The integrated roll resistance in the shoe is designed to improve posture and to relieve joints, spine and tendons. The body balance ability and the whole blood circulation will be stimulated and improved.

Added bonus: the shoes can tone and strengthen the feet, leg, buttocks, abs, back, and yes, improve the appearance of cellulite. These shoes perform double duty, and are available in men and women’s styles. We’ve seen a difference, and your feet-and benefit-deriving friends-will, too.

$249; for locations, visit

Tag, You’re It

Be the "it" boy in your barrio with these superior shades for TAG Heuer Eyewear--and remember that good grooming means good health. Protect your eyes with HD technology, designed to enhance outdoor vision whether you’re on the slopes or on the street. The very Euro vermillion-colored "Intensive" HD lenses are the first to combine photochromic darkening ability with re-engineered, gradient "silver flash" technology, creating non-mirrored lenses that become reflective as they darken. The rad result: high-definition sunglasses that enhance dimensional detail of the landscape (as opposed to the flattening effect of polarized lenses).

We’re not exactly Olympic skier material, but we’ll look like we are- and protect our eye health in a very big way-with these winter winners.

$320 at authorized retailers nationwide; to find an authorized retailer, visit

Zum Zum Room

"Any more natural and you’d be naked!" proclaims this company’s tag line. Since our own butt has fallen so low we think we left it down in Argentina, it’s a good thing we found this super-smelling set of organic products--we think one would look good fore and aft.

Even if you look nifty in the nude, your gift-giving public will adore you when this gift set from Indigo Wild is in the room. Scented with myrrh and incense, there’s even a bona fide Christmas angle--not that we’ve ever needed an excuse to smell great.

Included are Zum Wash body cleanser, Zum Glow soy candle, Zum Bar goat’s milk soap, Zum Body Shea Butter lotion, and Zum Mist aromatherapy spray. Crafted of all natural products, this line will moisturize, aromatherapize, and mojoize long past this holiday season--it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Retails for $60.00 at or call 1-800-361-5686 to find a natural goods store in your neighborhood where you can pick up this gift pack.

Pepper Spray

We were so excited by this handsome-yet-modern gift box from Molton Brown (the perfect place to store your passport and other essential documents) that we nearly forgot to open it. But we’re mighty glad we did. A terrific triple-header lives inside: Re-Charge Black Pepper, the company’s top-selling men’s fragrance (exotic and fresh at the same time, in its own groovy box, with top notes of Italian coriander, Egyptian cumin, Slovenian oakmoss, Indonesian patchouli, French violet leaf, Italian bergamot and Nigerian ginger essential oils); and similarly scented ReCharge Body Hydrator, full of black pepper oil and other good things for the skin; and Bodywash for a scentual shower experience.

In an age of vulgar and frilly scents for men, we think the traditional British masculinity of Molton Brown is a verry good thing.

$98 at Neiman-Marcus stores and at

Back to Black

Amy Winehouse likes her men skinny, skanky, and stoned--but we like ours with signature style. Enter Blue Mark, the sexy new signature fragrance from grooming guru Jack Black. Stepping out of a textured black cylinder, this English-gent cologne leaves the sickly sweet scents marketed to our community in the dust. Top notes of Japanese juniper and ginger essence provide "liquid magnetism" to the wearer--and who are we to argue? Bergamot and vetiver are woodsy backdrop notes that make this a scent of uncommon depth. "Splash on responsibly," the back label says; but we can’t promise you won’t get into trouble with Blue Mark on the back of your neck.

$65.00 at Nordstrom and at

Travel Mack

In this brave new age, we’re nervous enough about travel as it is; collecting our mountain of grooming musts pre-flight can really send us over the edge. Now, there’s one more reason to relax, with this Canadian skincare company’s handsome grooming tote filled with daily essentials. No more at-home multi-brand assemblage: this kit includes Kamins’ Sea Protein Foaming Cleanser, a purifying face wash; Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 for mucho moisture; Anti-Aging Soothing Eye Gel, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles; a Soothing Aftershave Balm,
to calm razor burn and redness; and a Fortified Treatment Shampoo to restore moisture and texture to lovelorn locks. (Semi-sigh: since even the skankiest hotel offers shampoo now, we think one of Kamins’s anti-aging hero products would’ve been a much better add to this kit.) That aside, this is a good-looking grooming kit that helps assuage even the worst case of travel jitters.

$80 at

Show, Girl!

We’re not sure if this Aussie company had Kylie in mind when they named their limited edition compact Showgirl, but we suspect Miss Minogue’s influence is unavoidable Down There. Good thing, because this fresh and fabulous five-color set will have you set for the season. The sleek case features a dual-ended brush and a pentagon of pan tones: Parisette Lip Gloss (pink), Hollycock Lip & Cheeck Crème (rose), Tulle and Charmeuse Eye Colours (brown and pink), and a Compact Eyeliner in Emmanuelle (brown). Putting your best face forward with a gorgeous holiday glow has never been this easy--or this glam. Adam Lambert, hands off!

$65 at online.

David Andrusia writes on food, travel, style, and beauty. Author of the bestseller BRAND YOURSELF, he is a career consultant in Los Angeles. Visit him online at


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