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Bad cosmetic surgery.... gone good!

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by David Andrusia
EDGE Media Network Contributor

The groundbreaking developments in corrective plastic surgery techniques during the past ten years have been profound. While it is always preferable to source a preeminent surgeon the first time you undertake a cosmetic procedure - Board certification and patient recommendations are both key elements - it is now, more than ever, possible to reverse unfortunate results with a competent, aesthetically forward surgeon skilled in these new techniques. To locate a Board-certified physician near you, go to the sanctioned locator of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

David Andrusia writes on food, travel, style, and beauty. Author of the bestseller BRAND YOURSELF, he is a career consultant in Los Angeles. Visit him online at


  • William Kapfer, 2009-12-20 18:13:31

    I believe the guy looked better before than after. Not a very good example of success.

  • , 2010-04-03 22:59:22

    Yes I agree with grace. The mans jawline from ear to ear appears over injected with juvaderm or radiesse and thus his face is looks oddly proportioned. Proprietary instrument, minuscule holes in the face, 30- 45 minute procedure time? I’m sorry but it sounds like another risky cosmetic surgery technique that needs to be investigated thoroughly. Besides, juvaderm and radiesse are temporary fillers and thus a patient will have to continue to pay the doctor for additional filler treatments in order to maintain the Y-lift outcome. Sounds like a pretty expensive facelift technique to me.

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