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September 23rd is Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day

Saturday Sep 23, 2017

Celebrate Bisexuality Day is observed on September 23 by members of the bisexual community and their supporters. This day is a call for the bisexual community, their friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all the bisexual people in their lives.

First observed in 1999, Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three United States bisexual rights activists: Wendy Curry of Maine, Michael Page of Florida, and Gigi Raven Wilbur of Texas, who reportedly championed bisexual singer Freddy Mercury and wanted to raise the profile of bisexual rights.

Bisexual+ people have always been a driving force in the LGBTQ community and are leaders within local, regional, and national organizations and issue-based campaigns. Every day, bi+ people work side by side with the broader LGBTQ community to affect change, acceptance, and equality.

From September 17-24, GLAAD recognizes the bisexual+ community for Bisexual Awareness Week, including Celebrate Bisexuality+ Day on September 23. Bisexual+ Awareness Week seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ (pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, etc.) community.

#BiWeek draws attention to the experiences, while also celebrating the resiliency of, the bisexual+ community. Throughout #BiWeek, allies and bi+ people learn about the history, culture, community, and current policy priorities of bi+ communities.

And on September 23, GLAAD & BiNet USA invite you to participate in Celebrate Bisexuality+ Day, an event promoting bi+ visibility.

For a list of international events occurring for Bi Visibility Day, visit or


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