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Talking with Steve Grand: Back in Ptown with a New Album

by Steve Duffy
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 9, 2018

With the release of his first album, "All American Boy" in 2015, Steve Grand broke the mold for the traditional singer-songwriter. Having self-funded a viral video of the title track, then fan-funding the album release, the openly gay artist from Chicago created a place for himself in the music industry. He hasn't looked back since. The past 3 years have seen Grand touring across the world, gathering new energetic fans and creating new music.

Last week saw the release of the long-anticipated sophomore album from Steve Grand, "not the end of me." The album includes 12 new tracks, all written and composed by Grand. It also features alternate versions of 3 of the songs. Grand says of the tracks, "This album is autobiographical; very personal, somber and reflective."

"Writing this album was an exercise in catharsis," says Grand. "I'm more unfiltered on this album and explore some of the internal and external challenges I've faced over the last few years."

Grand also predicts his song "don't let the light in" will be a favorite among his fans. "I wrote it within the last few months before I became sober. At that time, I was reflecting on the way I had been living my life over the last few years that my song 'All-American Boy' blew up, in 2013," he said. "I felt isolated and realized I was dealing with that isolation in some unhealthy ways."

Last summer Grand's residency at Provincetown's Art House was so successful, he was asked back this summer where he performs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday through September 7. For more information, including ticketing, visit the Art House website.

EDGE caught with the newly bearded Grand for a conversation about his new album, his challenges, and his personal needs.

EDGE: What story is "not the end of me" telling?

Steve Grand: Every song on the album was written as a cathartic exercise for me. Every song is about an experience that I have had. You can hear the heartache, issues dealing with my internal demons, depression and substance abuse. I want the listener to get a good sense of who I am as both a person and musician.

Steve Grand

EDGE: Do you have a favorite song from the new album?

Steve Grand: If I have to choose it would be the third and fourth track, "Disciple" and "don't let the light in?"

EDGE: How is it different from your debut album, "All American Boy"?

Steve Grand: Like "All American Boy," I drew from a lot of my musical influences. The creation of this album was done in the same spirit. However, this album is a lot darker and the themes I explore are much darker. It is definitely a very personal and raw album.

EDGE: When writing your songs, what had been some of the biggest influences for them?

Steve Grand: It is really about the feeling that I want to convey. When I have experienced something in my life, I need to better understand it so I explore it through song. I like to take something painful that I have been through and turn it into something beautiful.

Steve Grand

EDGE: Everyone seems to have you labeled as something, (i.e. gay singer, country singer) How do you describe who you are?

Steve Grand: I am just a singer/songwriter from Chicago that draws from various Americana influences. Musically, I am a storyteller. Music has always been a tool for me to better tell my story.

EDGE: As a gay artist, what are the biggest challenges you face?

Steve Grand: I have been my own worst enemy many times. Back in 2013 "All American Boy" blew up overnight. I received so much attention, so quickly. There is no way you can prepare yourself for that kind of attention. It went from 0-to-60 immediately. In many ways it was beneficial, but there is always a downside to that kind of immediate attention. It took me a long time to get my footing and ground myself in something deep, so I wouldn't blow up and fly away.

EDGE: Are you still a bachelor? If so, what are you looking for in a guy?

Steve Grand: I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't talk about my private life. I believe it should be private. However, I will say I want someone that is intelligent, hardworking and family orientated, He should also know enough, but doesn't have to know everything.

Steve Grand

EDGE: I love the new beard! Why did you do away with the clean-shaven look?

Steve Grand: it is a new look. I am trying something different. My beard does grow in a bit patchy, but I am not giving up hope.

EDGE: You have become a staple at the Art House in Provincetown. What do you like about performing there?

Steve Grand: I love Provincetown! Everyone should visit. It's magical, warm and friendly. There is so much to do and it has a lot of great entertainment. The Art House is great! I love the setting. I love playing on the piano there. The spirit and energy of both the Art House and Provincetown are what made we fall in love with it. I encourage everyone to go, especially because then you can come and see my show.

EDGE: What's next for you?

Steve Grand: I am going wherever this new album takes me. I want to continue to meet as many of my awesome fans that I can. I would also like to take this chance to thank them. They have all given me so much love and support and I really truly and honestly appreciate it.

For more information about Steve and to purchase his new album visit, visit his website.

Steve Grand performs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday through September 7. For more information, including ticketing, visit the Art House website.

Watch Steve Grand's video for "All American Boy:"

Watch Steve Grand's video for "Walking":


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