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Hell Fest

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 8, 2019
Hell Fest

The cliché statement "You won't be the same coming out the way you went in" could pertain to Lionsgate's new horror Blu-ray release. "Hell Fest" came and went in the blink of an eye, but here it is in the doldrums of January home entertainment releases for fans or those that missed it.

"Hell Fest" has its horror heart in all the right places. It wants to be a 1980s throwback genre movie, ripe with the tropes that fans have come to expect. And then, in the new century of horror films, filmmakers try to give the film some character development and throw them into a setting not seen many times.

It's Halloween night during "Hell Fest," and if that doesn't make you groan the gaggle of oversexed friends who attend a local theme park might make you wince instead. Because there are three guys and three gals, you guessed it... three pairs will couple up and split up while doing dumb horror movie things. A masked serial killer is on the loose during Hell Fest, and everyone thinks it's all part of the horror theme park.

After elongated scenes of the friends running around the theme park (ironically, a park that isn't filled with many patrons), viewers finally get treated to the gory kills that fans want. "Hell Fest" does have some unique spins on the horror clichés of past and the film's first victim might surprise some.

Lionsgate Blu-ray only has a making-of featurette called "Thrills and Kills," which combines behind-the-scenes footage along with interview segments of the cast. Before "Hell Fest" was filmed the actors had a large sense of camaraderie while taking cell phone videos together. The end result of this featurette appears more genuine than the finished movie product of "Hell Fest."

"Hell Fest"

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