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Paramount After Dark: Tales From the Other Side

by Michelle  Sandoval
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 12, 2017
Costumes from 'Sweeney Todd' and 'The Addams Family'
Costumes from 'Sweeney Todd' and 'The Addams Family'  

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, behind the silver screen, lie dark secrets often forgotten with time. Many of these belong to Paramount Pictures, a pioneer in the film industry that brought us many Oscar-winning films and actors. Through November 20, the studio is offering scare seekers "Paramount After Dark: Tales From the Other Side," a "journey to Hollywood's final resting place... after dark," a special tour for the Halloween season that will reveal the sinister secrets of starlets that have long departed. The tour is equal parts ghost stories and scandal, resulting in a devilishly good time that could only come from the talented and twisted minds in Hollywood.

The tour starts off with some champagne before embarking on a 2 ½ hour journey with a small group and charming tour guide. The first half will take you through the Paramount Studio grounds, stopping at various sound stages that have a macabre history. You'll hear fascinating stories about film pioneers like Orson Wells, Lucille Ball, Howard Hughes and Alfred Hitchcock, to name a few; all who once called Paramount home. Tales of death, crime, even murder, color the studio's history, which is chock full of facts both frightening and fascinating.

You will also visit current sound stages that have haunted histories. Our particular tour guide had experienced supernatural activity herself during her years on the job in these stages, so hearing a first-hand account of spooky occurrences made the adventure all the more chilling.

The second half of your eerie encounter will lead you into the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, located next door to the studios. Armed with a small flashlight, you will be guided through mausoleums, and walk along the gravestones of the Hollywood elite. Stopping at the resting places of Hollywood's deceased, your guide will continue to share secrets that will leave you in disbelief. The cemetery itself offers up a naturally spooky, albeit Gothically beautiful atmosphere, which provides the perfect setting for the tour.

You'll be given a single red rose to take with you, to leave on the gravestone of one person whose work you admire. There were many to choose from, but Chris Cornell's gravesite had the most that evening.

The "Paramount Pictures After Dark Tour: Tales From The Other Side" is captivating and creepy. There are so many Hollywood secrets it uncovers, so much scandal it discloses, each piece more interesting than the next.

The tour is offered Thursday through Saturday and begins when the sun goes down. Make sure you bring your walking shoes because you'll be trekking through backlots and creeping along gravestones for quite a while. There is no better way to celebrate the life and death of some of Hollywood's biggest legends than with this tribute tour of tales and terror -- how's that for a Hollywood ending?

The "Paramount Pictures After Dark Tour: Tales From The Other Side" runs through November 18 at 5515 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. For tickets or information, visit www.paramountstudiotour.com/tftos.html

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