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Top Dermatologist Provides Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

Wednesday Oct 17, 2012

"With age comes wisdom." And many people prefer that it's their intellect that gives away their age-not the creases and ridges on their face.

The beauty industry is filled with products and "miracle" creams promising to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But prior to reversing damage, you must take note of preventative measures. Why not work to prevent wrinkles instead of waiting for the future battle?

With the following beneficial tips from New York/New Jersey-based Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt, you can work to prevent creases from creeping up on you.

Sleeping Beauty

Though it us difficult to change sleeping habits, if you don't sleep on your back-try to! Sleep lines are tough to get rid of. And though a good nights rest is needed for a youthful appearance, it doesn't end there. Your position makes a difference when hitting the sack! "Avoid sleeping on your face or side with your skin all scrunched up in your sheets," explains Dr. Baxt. "This will help prevent lines on your face, especially in areas prone to wrinkles."

Like Father, Like Son; Like Mother, Like Daughter

How do you know if you are prone to wrinkles and in which areas? Look at an older family member's face - especially your father and mother. If you suspect an upcoming battle with creases in your future, speak to your dermatologist about preventative measures like Botox®. "Botox® treatments can be used to prevent wrinkles for people in their 20s and 30s," adds Dr. Baxt. "It is a great time to start preventing wrinkles on the upper area of the face."

Kiss Lip Lines Goodbye

Don’t use harsh towels and avoid vigorously scrubbing your face. Take your time!

Want to avoid lip lines? Don't drink from a straw repeatedly, smoke or constantly blow bubbles with bubble gum. Activities that cause you to pucker or purse your lips may result in added lines. If you are prone to lip lines - observe family members to see if you might be genetically predisposed - then avoid pursing your lips.

To further prevent lip lines, don't get electrolysis. "I see many patients years after they have had electrolysis developing pitted scars and wrinkles on their upper lip. It is a nonspecific heat probe, so as it's killing the hair, it can inadvertently kill some collagen too. It's rare, but it does happen. Try laser hair removal to remove hair or just bleach, thread, wax or shave."

Maintain Protection

It is a given that avoiding the sun and using sunscreen is one of the most effective anti-aging measures. However, many people forget to reapply. Sunscreen only lasts 2-3 hours, so keep a powder sunscreen in your bag and reapply throughout the day. "I personally recommend Colorescience, a product I use myself for this purpose."

Beautify Gently

When applying makeup or washing it off before bed, try to be gentle. Don't rub around your eyes to wash out excessive eyeliner and mascara. Be gentle around the eyes. Don't use harsh towels, avoid vigorously scrubbing your face or stretching your skin daily to apply makeup in sensitive areas. Take your time!

Information courtesy of Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt and

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  • jbush56, 2012-11-17 07:18:19

    Dear Dr. Baxt: Thank you for educating the consumer about prevention of wrinkles. It is a timely topic. You are correct in saying that electrolysis rarely causes pitting and wrinkles, but laser in not a safer option. There are significantly more potential complications with laser than with electrolysis. Waxing and threading may lead to ingrown hairs and may increase the hair size in hormonal areas; bleaching may cause skin irritation; shaving is a safe option, though cumbersome. Electrolysis, the only option for permanent hair removal, has been available since the late 1800s. With the development of computerized equipment, treatments are safer and more effective than ever before. May I provide you with a FAQ and a transgender specific press release? I would love to assist you in educating your consumers. Jeannie M. Bush, RDH, RE, CPE, LI Director, Council on Education American Electrology Association

  • Arlene, 2012-11-19 12:51:23

    Dear Dr. Baxt: Did those patients wax or tweeze also? I have seen problems from waxing and tweezing but have not seen the tissue damage from electrolysis. From my observation, it appears that the skin improves after electrolysis. You mention that electrolysis can inadvertently kill some collagen but what I suspect is that fibroblasts might stimulate collagen production because skin improves in the area where electrolysis has been administered. I know that there is great financial profit in laser and much less in labor intensive electrolysis and wonder if this is the reason why so many dermatologists ignore this treatment which has been proven to be the only method for permanent hair removal - regardless of skin or hair type.

  • Anonymous, 2015-03-11 18:46:37

    Can you help with any advice. Unfortunately through a period of stress i lost an amount of weight very quickly and my face drooped all over as i lost fat layer too quickly my skin then brgan to tighten up again as i used home remedies like egg white masks thrn the mouth area went very tight especially at corners of the mouth and my lips covrred a much smaller area of my face. I also had a lot of tingling in my face.. Thid tightness alarmed me and i went to see an acupuncturist at this timr my skin was v flat anf thin altjough tight aroind mouth area. The acupincturist started a very deep massage on whole of my face and has stretched thr skin all aroind my face partivularly lower mouth area and cheeks. My whole face has gone saggy again and no matter what i do is not tightening at all i feel i now have a moon face where before i had tight skin. Im devastated has the skin bern damaged and stretched forever? I am now on anti depressants and off work as my self confidrnce has been hugely impacted im 44 and feel my once nice face has been forever ruined can you give me any advice or is it possible spmehow the sagginess can be repaired. Its like my face is like a loose welly flopping about. Can i get the collagen assessed ? A desparately unhappy woman

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