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Evangelical Pastor Tells Obama He’s Disappointed

by Rachel Zoll
Thursday May 10, 2012

The evangelical pastor who President Barack Obama calls his spiritual adviser says he's disappointed in the president's decision to endorse same-sex marriage.

The Rev. Joel Hunter of Florida told The Associated Press that Obama called him before ABC News broadcast the announcement Wednesday.

Hunter says he told the president he disagreed with his interpretation of what the Bible says about marriage. Hunter says the president reassured him he would protect the religious freedom of churches who oppose gay marriage.

Hunter says the announcement makes it harder for him to support Obama, but he will continue to do so.

Hunter is the pastor of the 15,000 member Northland church in the Orlando area. He prays regularly with the president and last February, Michelle Obama visited his church.

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  • VFA, 2012-05-10 11:04:51

    And I am disappointed with all these religious leaders who use their religions to persecute and discriminate in a secular state.

  • , 2012-05-11 05:44:32

    I agree these hypocrites. There is a separation between church and state. I say start taxing these churches!

  • , 2012-05-11 09:45:46

    Maybe someone should tell the "Pastor" that marriage is not about religion and that there are other religions besides his own.

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