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Pope Francis Becomes Third Pontiff to Visit Auschwitz

Jul 31
Pope Francis paid an emotional visit Friday to the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland.

Calif. Bill Would Prevent LGBT Discrimination at Religious Schools

By Darcy Costello | Jul 30
The conflict between religious freedom and gay rights has a new battleground - California's religious colleges and universities.

Shiite Tattoos Show Pride Amid Tension

By Hassan Ammar | Jul 30
Hamada Baytown is one of a growing number of Shiite Muslims in Lebanon who have inked themselves with Shiite religious and political symbols as a show of pride in their community since neighboring Syria's civil war broke out in 2011.

Trump Calls for Repeal of Religious Tax Exemption

By Michael d'Oliveira | Jul 28
During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last Thursday, Donald Trump again called for the repeal of the restrictions on tax-exempt religious organizations getting involved in politics.

Cologne Cathedral Hires Lawyer to Stop Pokeman Hunters

Jul 26
The Catholic Church has hired a lawyer to tackle a plague of "Pokemon Go" players invading Cologne Cathedral.

Emails: Group Asked Governor for Religious Objections Order

By Jeff Amy | Jul 22
Emails disclosed in a lawsuit over a blocked Mississippi law that protects religious objections to same-sex marriage show a Christian legal group asked Gov. Phil Bryant to institute the protections through an executive order in 2015.

Following Tuesday's Urine-Throwing Melee, Westboro Baptist Church Has Uneventful Wednesday Protest

Jul 20
You'd think that given the recent adoption of the party's anti-LGBT platform, that the Westboro Baptist Church protesting the GOP convention would be like fish coming out against water. Nevertheless, they showed up in Cleveland.

United Methodists Elect First Openly Lesbian Bishop

By EDGE | Jul 19
On July 16 in the Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church (UMC), delegates voted Rev. Karen Oliveto, pastor of Glide Memorial UMC in San Francisco, CA into the office of Bishop.

Methodists Elect 1st Openly Gay Bishop In Defiance of Ban

Jul 16
The Western district of the Methodist church has elected an openly gay bishop despite the denomination's ban on same-sex relationships.

Watch: Liberal Redneck Blasts Noah's Ark Attraction

Jul 15
"As a redneck normally I'd be all about a kickass boat, but this one's a little bit different," says "Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder in his latest online rant against the $100 million Noah's Ark attraction that debuted to to crowds in Kentucky last week.

1 thru 10 of 1213 Stories