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Hacker Takes Over Popular Factoid Twitter, Sends Anti-Gay Tweets

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday May 22, 2014

The hugely popular factoid Twitter account UberFacts was hacked Wednesday night and the person behind the cyber attack sent out a series of strange, racist and anti-gay tweets, including a White House petition to "deport the gays."

As Business Insider and Tech 2 point out, the account, which has nearly 6.7 million followers, was hacked shortly after 10:17 p.m. The hacker wrote several offensive tweets, many of them anti-gay.

The account's owner, Kris Sanchez, now has control of the account, but initally wrote to the hacker: "You're going to pay me for every tweet you sent out from my page -- warning you now."

The hacker responded using the UberFacts account and wrote, "Let's be honest, that's not going to happen."

On Thursday morning, Sanchez tweeted about the incident, writing, "While some of it was funny, some of the stuff posted on UberFacts last night was really offensive. My apologies to everyone."

The UberFacts account also tweeted out an apology: "Last night the UberFacts twitter account was hacked. We apologize if any of the tweets sent out offended you."

The account has since been cleaned up, and all of the offensive tweets are now gone. EDGE, however, was able to take screen caps of the tweets before they were deleted:

"Fact: @fuckcrusifix is a homosexual who likes dongers."

"I wish I had a slave but they’re illegal."

"Fact: I’m gay as shit."

"follow @Pholbia for aids."

"Swiggity swag, you’re a fag. #cocks"

"Let me play with your butthole."

"#Trending I like to have sex with horses on occasion. @DougPHP"

The hacker also tweeted a link to a White House petition, urging people to deport gay people because of the way they talk.

"LETS GO GUYS!!! SHOW SUPPORT FOR GAYS!" the hacker wrote.

At the time of the screen cap the petition, called "Deport the gays, because they piss us off and talk funny!," had just 20 out of 100,000 signatures.

"We want to deport the gay community because they are nasty and piss us off. They talk funny and it should not be that way. We want white par not queer par. That is all," the petition, created on May 21, reads.

It appears that the petition has also been deleted.

To view some of the screen caps, click here.


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