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Marriage Equality Supporters Plan ’Decision Day’ Rallies

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

Now that the Supreme Court has finally made its landmark rulings on the two gay marriage cases before them, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and finding that California's Proposition 8 has no standing, members of the LGBT community are uniting and celebrating in rallies around the country. has an interactive map showing the locations of rallies and celebrations that will take place on "Decision Day."

GetEQUAL and Marriage Equality USA are behind United For Marriage: Decision Day and the site, where you can find local "Decision Day" events. As the New Civil Rights Movement reports, there are about 100 rallies as of this writing.

"From Boston to Honolulu, dozens of 'Decision Day' rallies to respond to today's Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 are planned," the New Civil Rights Movement writes.

"While there was a lot of attention paid to Washington, DC, during the Supreme Court's oral arguments, Decision Day is about the rest of the country - about the impact that the Supreme Court's decisions on both the Defense of Marriage Act and on Proposition 8 will have on couples and families across the nation," the United For Marriage: Decision Day site says. "On Decision Day, we're asking folks across the country to organize local events to help folks interpret the cases, and also to help process the impact that the decisions have on our families and our community."

"This is not just one march, fight or a demonstration - this is a peaceful display of solidarity and a stand for LOVE, not hate across the nation. History is in the making and it is time to bring America into the 21st century. Let's give people hope and create change by using the voice of the people!"

Click here to check out the interactive map and find out a "Decision Day" rally near you.


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