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New Facebook Game Allowed Users to Kill LGBT Activists

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Jun 4, 2013

UPDATE: A Facebook spokesperson told EDGE that the game has been disabled.

"We take action against apps that violate our platform policies as laid out here:, in order to maintain a trustworthy experience for users," the spokesperson told EDGE in an email.

The violent attacks on Gay Pride marchers in Tbilisi, Georgia last month, made headlines and horrified LGBT and Human Rights activist across the globe. Now, thanks to a Facebook game, homophobic users everywhere can now play a new game considered anti-gay by many that recreates last month's violent attacks by thousands of Orthodox Christians. Gay Star News reports.

The game, called "In Call of Taburetka, or "Call of the Stool," allows users to control a priest who beats LGBT activists with a stool. Gay Gamer writes, "The priest seems to magically float up and down the screen, endless shooter style, firing stools at the oncoming queers. The more gays and vehicles you take down the higher your score goes."

On May 17, the Associated Press reported that thousands of anti-gay protesters, including Orthodox priests, derailed a Gay Pride Parade in Georgia's capital. They occupied Tbilisi's central street and held signs reading, "We don't need Sodom ad Gomorrah!" and "Democracy does not equal immorality!" Protesters were also carrying bunches of stinging nettles and threatened to use them on gay activists. Police were not able to prevent fights, which resulted in 16 people getting injured.

According to Gay Star News the Facebook game has gone viral among Georgian users in the past two days. But the game's official Facebook page only has 53 likes. Nevertheless, a number of Facebook users left comments, slamming the game.

"This page is advocating hate and violence, and has been reported," one person wrote. "I've spread the word to get all my friends to report it, too. I can only hope that someone you love is never a victim of something like this. If we had a game where Americans bashed you guys over the head, you'd be rioting and killing innocents in protest. Hypocritical, disgusting, and just shows what a monstrous pig you are."

The owner of the "Call of Taburetka" Facebook page responded to some of the comments and defended the game, saying it's actually pro-gay.

In a defense worthy of Seinfeld's bizarro world, the page's administer replied to one user, who criticized the game for being anti-gay. "i am not homophobic. go fu(k yourself!"

"You beat gay people with chairs, call it a funny game, you are indeed homophobic and a coward," the Facebook user replied.

"who is main hero of this game? the priest? - yes why is the priest hitting stool to LGBT people? -because Georgian Church don't like LGBT people," the game's administrator wrote. "who likes priest who is hitting stool to LGBT people? - nobody! is it normal to be priest and hit stool to LGBT people and tall them some bad words? - no this is anti-priest and anti-church Game. you can't understand."

In another response, the game's Facebook administer said, "i have LGBT friend. they like this game so much. they ar Georgians, you aren't Georgians. i can't realize meaning of this game because you aren't living in Georgia."

There's also a YouTube video demonstrating the game. The clip has 1,162 views with 5 likes and 14 dislikes.

Watch the video below:

Also watch footage of the violent attacks during the Gay Pride event:


  • , 2013-06-04 16:34:29

    Basically it’s a game that requires the user to think about the cultural and philosophical aspects of the game to understand its message.

  • gdhamf, 2013-06-04 22:40:47

    Horse crap

  • WayGay, 2013-06-05 17:35:50

    Unplugged Facebook already.

  • Thad, 2013-06-10 13:31:32

    Yikes! For a moment I thought there was antigay violence I didn’t know about in Atlanta or Augusta or Savannah. As an American, I’m glad it wasn’t in my homeland. As a citizen of the world, I’m shocked and upset about what happened in Tbilisi and about all incidents of "religiously"-motivated violence against lesbian and gay people. I don’t do Facebook either.

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