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NYC High School Allegedly Blocks Student’s Trans Boyfriend From Prom

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Apr 15, 2014

A teen couple claims that officials from a New York high school refuse to let them attend the prom together because one of them is transgender, New York City's CW affiliate station WPIX reports.

According to Anais Celini, a senior at Martin Luther High School in Maspeth, Queens, school officials disapproved of her boyfriend, Nathaniel Beaz and said his "transition was unconventional" and "not beneficial," WPIX reports in a different article.

"It's hard because I really wanted her to be able to go to the prom with her friends, and me as well, because it is one of the stepping stones in high school," Baez told WPIX.

The news station reports that the school officials have refused to comment on the incident, but Baez says he will hold a private prom event for him and Celini if the school doesn't allow him to attend the May 22 prom.

"Everybody should be able to go," Celini told the news station. "It's something that everybody should be able to have those memories of and talk about years later."

She added: "The school said to me that his transition is unconventional and it's not what he feels beneficial to letting him come to prom."

A similar incident occurred a year ago when officials from Red Lion Area Senior High School, located in central Pennsylvania, allegedly refused to let transgender student Issak Wolfe, a senior, run for prom king.

But in a better outcome, Cody Tubman became the first transgender prom queen of the Massachusetts town of Middleborough last year.

"This is a community and a school community in particular that is very accepting and I think that's a true testament to that," Paul Branagan, Middleborough High School principle, said of Tubman's win.


  • GAG'EM, 2014-04-17 11:55:25

    This is something that we expect in the Bible Belt, but not in "liberal" New York. I do believe that there are laws that protect students in cases like these, but since this is a private, religious school the bigotry may be legal as it is for all religious groups.

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