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Oregon Campaign Wants Quick Answer on Gay Marriage

by Steven Dubois
Tuesday Apr 1, 2014

Sponsors of a ballot measure to legalize gay marriage in Oregon have asked a federal judge to make a speedy ruling in a case that challenges the state's ban.

The campaign said in a filing Tuesday it won't go ahead with its initiative if Judge Michael McShane overturns the ban quickly. Otherwise, the sponsors said, they would press ahead with the campaign - at great time and expense.

McShane has scheduled oral arguments for April 23 on two consolidated lawsuits challenging the prohibition.

Also Tuesday, a coalition of 36 Oregon employers - including Nike and Intel - filed a "friend of the court" legal brief in support of overturning the ban.

The employers say Oregon's marriage exclusion makes it more difficult to recruit talent.

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  • Bob K, 2014-04-01 16:51:34

    The wimpy, self-congratulatory Oregon Gays missed out on 2012, when the WA initiative was all over Portland media (Portland serves southern WA). I refused to sign a petition for a 2014 vote, because I prefer the courts to rule -- when there is a vote, the right-wing churches get fired up, and things get more devided, ugly, and expensive.

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