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Watch: Artist to Create Memorial for Gay Grandfather

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Mar 10, 2014

A video by multimedia artist Grant Rehnberg has been making the rounds Monday. In the YouTube video, Rehnberg explains that his grandfather, James Burton Rehnberg, came out to him as gay at 90 years old, just five months before he died.

His coming out deeply impacted Rehnberg, who is openly gay and from Seattle, plans to memorialize and celebrate his grandfather's life and queerness through an art instillation.

Rehnberg is currently looking for funding for the project, called "The Family Connection," which he explains in the clip.

"Sitting over photos of my husband Bradford and I at our wedding, my 90-year-old grandfather proudly celebrated the balls it takes to live openly," Rehnberg said. "He told me about the love of his life, Warren Johnson, a boy he played music with at church. He told me God loves every part of us. He told me he would trade places with me if he could. He told me he loved me."

His grandfather was a Baptist pastor, a World War II veteran and was married to a woman for 65 years.

Rehnberg goes on to explain the instillation, which will aim to examine the artist's relationship with his grandfather and experiences as gay men and as members of the same family.

If you are interested in the project and want to donate you can check Rehnberg's campaign over at Indiegogo by clicking here. Rehnberg has met his $950 goal, and currently has $975.

Watch the artist's video below:


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